Friday, September 01, 2017

Colorado baker who shut down bakery over "religious freedom" says he's lost 40% of family income; regulation of small business cuts both ways; Nashville Statemet

The owner of a wedding cake bakery in Colorado claims he has lost 40% of his family income and most of his employees after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission told him to stop selling cakes or to sell to all wedding couples as a public accommodation. The owner Jack Phillips stopped selling cakes.  The Washington Times has the story here.

Um, this is the whole “religious freedom” thing.  You wonder what this means to him, that couples who don’t follow the procreation model have such a psychological effect on “normally married” people.  Everyone shares in potential responsibility for future generations?
But it’s dangerous for government to regulate a small business this way, too.  What if I had to make my self-published books available in braille to sell them at all?  This sort of thing goes both ways.

Vox (Teresa Isabella Burton) has published a long article about a gathering of evangelicals (the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, ERLC) and its Nashville Statement, which if you open the site, is pretty manipulative to the visitor. They expect visitors to sign it? Evangelicals have gotten "better" on some other things, like condemning the alt-right.

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