Thursday, September 07, 2017

DACA rescinding by Trump, even if a 6-month punt to Congress, generates resentment, cynicism in the LGBT community

A Washington Blade story by Chris Johnson reports pessimism among LGBT dreamers (as well as asylum seekers) that Congress will restore DACA, as in this link posted on Facebook today by DC Center Global. 

The article presents the biography of a young man from South Korea, who says it would not be easy to deal with conscription in the South Korean military if he had to go back.  Furthermore, it’s a testy time because of extreme tensions with North Korea.  

But of course this raises the bigger question that the entire country of South Korea faces destruction if war breaks out. 
There is also a story of a young man from Mexico, and a report of a belief that DACA rescinding is rooted in white supremacy.  I still see it as a legal question, but one that lends itself to intellectual rationalization that hides the real problems.  

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