Tuesday, September 05, 2017

HRC notes the likely toll of DACA rescinding on LGBTQ immigrants

HRC sent out an email noting that about 75000 of the “dreamers” are LGBTQ, link here.

This is a difficult thing.  Our western societies don’t hold adult kids responsible for what their parents did.  Nevertheless, the tone of comments on Trump’s own Facebook page supporting his decision is rather mean.

There is legitimate debate over whether Obama’s DACA order was legally sustainable forever (given the lawsuit brought by several red states).  Some conservatives say that courts could have ordered DACA closed in two months.  There is a legitimate argument that Congress must take responsibility for this issue over the next six months.

Nevertheless, adult kids caught in the situation,, even though they probably have good reason to believe Congress has to fix it (Congress’s record with health care is not a good precedent) are put out now.  Employers can reasonably fear that if they hire them, they could lose work authorization in six months. Same with schools.

Down the road, if massive work authorization loss happens and deportations start, we could see increase in Asylum claims, as Jason Dzubow argued last December (post ), as long as a much larger need for housing support and quasi-sponsorship or dependency relationships.

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