Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Gay men of past generations understood the advantages of being single

Bella DePaulo has an op-ed on NBC News, “Why we thought marriage made us healthier, and why we were wrong”, link here.
The article would apply to the culture of the gay world as it was probably in the 70s.  But marriage is getting to be a bad deal for straight men,  and more a matter of self-concept and political equality now for gays.
While marriage offered some financial benefits, it also offered a “marriage penalty” for some couples with more equal incomes.  Single people, when more affluent (and sometimes dual career couples with fewer children) tended to see the world their own content-generating achievements and less through social and familial position.
And there was always the idea that straight men get fat after getting married.  There was some truth to that (especially for Kim Jong Un). 

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