Monday, October 02, 2017

Remembering Hugh Hefner

Karen Ocamb of the Los Angeles Blade (seeded by the Washington Blade) offers detailed story on how Hugh Hefner, who actually lived a “bisexual”  or "bi-curious" lifestyle, supported free speech, not only for gays and today’s world of LGBTQ, but also toward the broader scope of the First Amendment we know today, as explored in the Cato forum in Washington last week. 

Heffner became familiar with the narrative of Dr. Franklin E. Kameny (whom I met once at an HRC event a few years ago), which 17th Street in NW Washington is renamed as to honor him. Heffner talked about same-sex attraction in Playboy at a time when the mere discussion was feared as weakening many families. 


Playboy, as did similar magazines (like Penthouse) often had policy discussion articles, as well as esotetic subject matter like UFO’s sometimes.  

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