Thursday, October 05, 2017

Sex change reversals do happen; Sessions intercepts Obama protections on gender identity

I know Milo Yiannopoulos talks about this, but it’s true, sometimes there are sex-change operation reversals, as in this conservative site story here

When I go to a gay disco, it seems that most of the “popular” men are very slender and very cis male (and, sorry, at least under 30). Everyone is attracted to what they want to be like, a bit of narcissism, and upward affiliation.  Milo is right – male physiology tends to reduce body fat compared to women.

And the conventional LGBT political establishment is railing at Jeff Sessions for reversing an Obama interpretation of recognizing gender identity or fluidity as getting systematic protection in civil rights laws, buzzfeed
But it’s one thing to fully protect the natural rights of individuals, and another to confer more rights through membership in an oppressed group.  The former, for example, would probably encourage school systems to recognize legitimate gender identity change when it is recognized professionally and recorded by the state.  And I think the former can accommodate transgender in the military (and especially in clandestine services) when the individual circumstances warrant.

Update: Oct 6

ABC News reports Sessions conferred with anti-gay groups on the "evangelical Christian right" so to speak, here.  This is disturbing, as a few of the groups actually want to re-implement sodomy laws, according to ABC.  This is an extreme overreach concerning a "religious freedom" issue that almost no "mainstream" employers would want to invoke anyway.

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