Monday, October 09, 2017

Truvalda ads still appeal to cultural preferences indeed

I noticed that the Washington Blade graced a PrEP Truvalda full page ad this past weekend (Oct. 6) with a picture of a cis white male model intended to look like a God king.  Forget diversity, when it comes to ads, gay magazines sometimes have to consider what other men are most turned on by.  Milo’s warning, perhaps.  For copyright reasons, I must refrain from reproducing the page.

I have to say, the add intrigues.  Maybe the guy is a young adult Clark Kent, with powers, who will save us all.  And he probably has the decency not to say "come and follow me."  Clark never does.  (I've always wondered about anyone who does that.  Today, that's Kim Jong Un.) Or maybe he's just a model, an actor hired to fulfill a fantasy of a savior. (I'm reminded of a video where Timo Descamps announces, "Richard Harmon is the greatest of all time.") 

In the straight world. Dove got sacked for a “racially insensitive ad” in the straight world, where a black woman turns white. Dove thought it was showing diversity. Here’s the NPR story

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