Sunday, November 05, 2017

A "White Party" as an ethnic-specific event

The first Saturday night of November in most years is an extra hour night for bars and discos – a chance to stay out late and actually get to church the next morning.

After going to a fund raiser regarding refugees in Arlington and then getting caught in a sudden thunderstorm when I went look for my car, I made it to the Cobalt White Party on 17th St. in DC.  This was also their Latino night and was based on all Latino music from the DJ.

The LGBTQ population in DC is large enough for some bars to try to attract specific subpopulations. As the evening wears on and the dance floor gets more crowded, there is a tendency for the population to become more generalized toward the actual mix in the area.  (At an event like this, “cis white males” tend to show up later, but do show up.)

One guy, doing a Nev Shulman lookalike (“Catflish”) took his sweater and turned it into a protective “tie”.  Never saw that before. 
Suddenly, around midnight,, there was a sudden minor brawl in front of the main bar. There were calls for security but it settled down on its own.  I backed up onto the stage to get out of the way.

That’s about only the third time in my life I’ve seen a brawl in a gay bar.  There was one in Wailuku. Hawaii in Aug. 1980, and London (SoHo theater district) in November 1982.
There was a little incident Friday night at a different venue, described here on another blog. 

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