Saturday, November 25, 2017

DC Center holds "Small Business Saturday"; can estates help asylum seekers?

The DC Center for the LGBT Community held a “Small Business Saturday” this afternoon, Nov. 25.

I’ve posted some video from it on a Wordpress site, here

I was particularly intrigued by the booth for the book publisher Redbone Press, whch I will discuss soon on my books blog.
I did have some informal conversation about the asylum seeker problem now.  Since I have sold my estate house and moved into a smaller condo, I am not presently in a circumstance to host.  I’ll say in very general terms, my mother’s estate increased in liquidity as a result of the event.  It’s possible to conceive of purchasing an interest in a shelter or home for asylum seekers.  But the terms of the trust would require that it actually hold a title (not give it away), and that such a purchase would be a responsible thing to do from a fiduciary viewpoint. That would tend to mean that residents would have to be able to pay rent or find some subsidy for it.  This is a general observation on how inherited estates are likely to address a need like this. 

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