Friday, November 03, 2017

James Damore tweets about "sexual capital", without realizing how gay men feel about it

James Damore (the Google Memo Guy) wrote a tweet recently about “sexual capital”, and whether society should accept the idea that generally women have more sexual capital, or at least use it more, than men.

There is indeed a Wikipedia page on the concept.

What I resented as a boy was that women got to be valued for their appearance(s), but men seemingly did not.  Men were supposed to be fungible, expendable in war to disfigurement and mutilation as sacrifices for the common good if necessary.  People weren’t supposed to “notice” “men’s bods”.

Gay men came along, mostly after Stonewall, and changed all that.  A man could fail physically, too (as Randy Shilts pointed out in "Conduct Unbecoming"). 
 It was no longer OK to put on the pounds after you got married because somebody cooked for you (so the thinking went around 1970).  Maybe it was not OK to gradually go bald on the legs.

Recently, with all the talk of gender fluidity and controversy over how transgender people assimilate with the rest of the LGBTQ community, “cis gay men” have retreated.
Guys, you have an extra hour in the dance bars Saturday night to notice other men’s bods, as the clocks move back. It happens once a year. And on the East Coast, it’s going to be warm. 

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