Monday, November 13, 2017

More people question the future of gay bars

Esther Webber, of BBC News, reports on the gradual or maybe more rapid disappearance of gay bars in London, here.

The theory is that LGBTQ people don’t need separate bars anymore, which in some venues in large cities is probably true.

I remember visiting a gay bar near Trafalgar Square in 2001, and being asked by a doorman if I knew what it was.

Back in 1982, I witnessed a brawl in a pub near Piccadilly. 

In Washington DC, the Town DC closes for real estate development on July 1, 2018, even though it would seem that new condo owners in the area would want night life.  (The Uproar and Nellies are nearby.) There’s some talk of progress in a replacement.

There is an important story about Nigeria on the International Issues blog today.

Wikipedia attribution link, London Gay Men’s Chorus at Pride 2011, by Tom Morris, CCSA 3.0 .

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