Monday, December 11, 2017

DOJ appeals court ruling ordering military to accept transgender recruits Jan. 1

The Department of Justice will appeal a ruling from Judge Collar Koteen-Kelly that the military must allow otherwise qualified transgender people to enlist by January 1, CNN story with video by Smerconish.

The appeal is to the federal circuit.

There are about 50,000 transgender soldiers in the US military, including a Navy flight surgeon who speaks in Smerconish’s video.

But at least one Navy Seal later became transgender. 

It may not take too much imagination to wonder if transgenderism or fluidity could be an asset in some intelligence operations. 

Roy Moore has made offensive remarks about transgender (and perhaps gay) servicemembers, who have replied (AOL story).

Update: Dec. 21

The federal circuit has refused to intervene, and the military must start being able to accept transgender recruits on Jan. 1.  German Lopez explains on Vox here

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