Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sean Spicer, Sarah Palin get impersonated SNL style at a Freddie's drag show

I “checked in” at a bar for the first time ever on Facebook tonight after a movie, the impersonation contest at Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington, after a movie (“Marshall”) at nearby Potomac Yards.

The drag queens seem to be imitation political figures, especially Sarah Palin and her negative contribution to “Make America Great Again”, and then Sean Spicer, in falsetto, about to attack everyone from the podium.  Nobody imitated Trump with his $60,000 hair weave permanent while I was there.  (My mother used to get a permanent once every three months, took four hours.)  

The cover was $5 and I’m not sure what the prize was.

Freddie's is less than two miles from the Pentagon (an easy walk from Pentagon City or Crystal City) and you wonder if DOD planners knowledgeable about likely covert strikes against North Korea will come in for breaks from the gloom.  The country is, frankly, in serious trouble over this. That makes the reversal of Trump's trans ban (and the repeal of DADT in 2011) even more ironic. We probably need Kristin Beck in the Pentagon right now stopping Trump from being reckless.  It's also ironic that Kim Jong Un's intentional physical ugliness ("fat little rocket man") could become an emotional flash point as Trump imitates Milo Yiannopoulos's fat-shaming of Kim.  (CNN's Will Ripley had noted North Korean men's aversion to white men's hairy chests and big noses in his broadcast -- and then recently warned Trump about referring to Kim as a "puppy" on Twitter or in speeches -- the biggest insult yes.)

No one want to imitate Milo in a drag show yet. It's hard to be cis in a drag show.
We’re all waiting for the Masterpiece cake Supreme Court hearings Tuesday.  People (hardcore activists) are already camping out starting Sunday night. 

Friday night, HRC and Reel Affirmations screened “After Louie”.  Zachary Booth looks like the next hot star, in the fashion of Timo Descamps.  RA is quite unwilling to discuss its not screening “Lavender Scare” as covered in the Blade. 

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