Wednesday, December 13, 2017

UCLA law school study notes large percentage of gender-nonconformity in California youth

The Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law, at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, offers a paper “Characteristics and Mental Health of Gender-NonConforming Teenager in California”, by D.M. Scott Wilson, Soon Kyu Choi, Jody L. Herman, Tara L. Becker and KeritJ. Conron, report that 27% of California’s teenagers are gender nonconforming. 
But gender non-conformity can occur among cis-gender people and among heterosexuals.  The paper is not really clear on how this is defined, but it seems to include various behaviors such as cross-dressing (which might be done for acting purposes) or depilation. California is one of the few states that prohibits discrimination on the basis of what we sometimes now call gender fluidity.
This does not seem to be the same concept as Paul Rosenfels’s polarities (from the Paul Rosenfels Community or the earlier Ninth Street Center). Generally, on a dance floor or disco, most gay men are surprisingly cis-conformist.  

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