Friday, January 26, 2018

LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network holds a reception; more litigation on Trump's transgender military ban

Lambda Legal has filed a suit asking a federal court in Washington State , Karmoski v Trump, asking that the courts enjoin Trump’s attempted transgender ban in the military permanently, here.

As part of the Creating Change symposium sponsored by the National LGBTQ Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation sponsored a reception for asylum seekers, volunteers and interested parties tonight in Washington DC.


The working group is called LGBT-FAN, or LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network, and it offers a Best Practice Guide on its site. 

Update: Jan. 30

Michael Lavers reports from the event in the Washington Blade:  One speaker noted that efforts for LGBT people in Puerto Rico were being overlooked after Hurricane Maria (I now recall that). I see from his Twitter feed that he has traveled to San Juan to report from there this week. 

Lavers also reports that at least 2 LGBT people from Cuba have applied for asylum in the Netherlands. Although Castro was bad for gay people for most of his time, recently Cuba had gotten better and even allow sexual reassignment surgery paid for by health care;  the weakening of Communism and influence of the right now seems to make things worse, which is strange. 

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