Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Current fiasco about indictment of Russians for election meddling: the 2013 anti-gay law was an early warning shot

The recent attention to the Russian attacks on our democracy and on our style of ungated “public speech” by individuals (so criticized recently by George Soros) should remind us of the early warning that came form the 2013 anti-gay propaganda law which has even led to a few asylum cases in the U.S.

Remember, that law punished speech and public demonstrations about homosexuality, on the “fear” that such speech would further suppress the Russian birth rate.  That was a warning that Russia believes that individual public speech undermines social stability and group solidarity – a pattern we also see in China and in more successful countries like Singapore.

Of course, Russia was also playing on the pseudo-pedo issue.  At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Putin even said “Please leave the kids alone.”  So that they’ve give him more ethnic Russian offspring when they grow up.
Picture: Georgie’s in Asbury Park, NJ, yesterday’s day trip and meeting.

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