Sunday, February 04, 2018

Important legal blog; notes from others on Creating Change Conference

Kenneth Jost, author of the Supreme Court Yearbook, offers a perspective “On LGBT Rights, Trump’s America Not Do Great” on his “Jost on Justice” blog .

 That’s in contrast to Trump’s toting out gay tech executive Peter Thiel at the convention, and his claim that foreign terrorists are the greatest threat to LGBTQ (he choked on the Q) people. I’d throw in North Korea. I could not imagine bringing children into the world if I lived there.

He offers some speculation on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, noting that centrist Kennedy is quite sympathetic to First Amendment arguments (on the part of the shop owner).

He talks about Judge Gorsuch, not so much from the point of any direct hostility but simply literalism. Gorsuch is likely to rule that protection of gay rights is the job for legislatures, not the courts – which throws things back into the “tyranny of the majority” idea of decades past – except that today, the general public is a lot more sympathetic to equal rights for gay individuals – just not for recognition of gay minority status.

The Metro Weekly has 30 interviews of people who attended the LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Conference in Washington DC, here

While many of the people interviewed talked in terms of groups (people of color), by no means everyone did, and there was at least one young white cis gay male Log Cabin Republican. Like me, he seemed more concerned about international issues and whether Trump’s behavior could endanger national security as well as compound problems down the road (climate change, lack of belief in truth). There were some straight people interviewed.  There was a comment that this year the conference did not have a forum on the problems of Palestinians in the conflict with Israel (ironic given Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem).

Zeke Stokes has an article “The Vanishing: Thanks to Trump’stabloid antics, the LGBTQ community gas been pushed to the back burner in mostmainstream media”.  The problem is you could say that about my own blogs.  I tend not to be interested in claims made at a “group” level as opposed to the actual individuals  in the group and how mainstream issues can affect “all of us” personally. 

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