Friday, April 13, 2018

Does gay marriage legalization (in 2015) reduce the solidarity in the gay community on LGBTQ-specific issues?

Samantha Allen asks in Daily Beast if the achievement of gay marriage legalization in 2015 means the end of the “gay community” as we know it .
Activism has tended to focus on very narrow problems (religious freedom bills and trans bathroom bills and sometimes legal right to self-declare) although the trans partial military ban has more potential significance than we generally realize.
And many gay people, especially more the cis population, has focused activism in more mainstream problems, like First and Second amendment issues (either side), cybersecurity or even broader national security (North Korea, Syria, Iran, the assimilation of religious minorities).    

Note that Bermuda has backslid on gay marriage, withdrawing it. (Remember, at one time you couldn't use credit cards in Bermuda.) 

I did attend the "Dine Out" night o April 12 for Food and Friends, at Freddie's Beach Bar in Arlington VA. 

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