Thursday, April 05, 2018

Slow progress on "gay rights" in Africa?

A couple of recent Wordpress articles continue to show how anti-gay much of the developing world, primarily because homosexuality seems to contradict tribalism and procreation.
One article refers to 400 million LGBT people in peril worldwide. 

Another gives a video that encourages Nigerian parents to embrace all their children, including those perceived as gay.   
And Kenya awaits a high court ruling on gay sexual relations, HuffPost story. 
A Guardian article by David Smith in 2014 explains that much of sub-Saharan Africa became anti-gay because of the influence of colonialism in the 19th Century.  Previously, same-sex relations had become common, even part of ritual, in some African societies, but missionaries regarded these as un-Biblical.  That continued with evangelism in recent decades, in combination with Muslim ideologies to the North. Now, many rural Africans have been convinced by propaganda that homosexuality is "anti-African."  

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