Sunday, April 08, 2018

The Scorpio in Charlotte NC, its golden anniversary

The Scorpio in Charlotte NC (in a ravine off Freedom Drive, Route 27, just west of I-77, on the south side of the street, about 1 mile east of I-85) is now in its 50th year.  Just think, 1968 was the year I was drafted and underwent Basic Training, and a horrific year in some ways.
But 1969 would lead to Stonewall.
The Scorio offers a drag show with many speakers and singers on the dance floor at once, and a lot of audience participation, with decorations and lights.
On a Saturday night, at least in colder weather, a minority crowd seems to appear at first, and then the crowd becomes more “diverse” (including more of the familiar cis-male white men from the gay community of older times) as the evening progresses. 
When you enter, the club gives you a temporary membership card ($5) and reads your driver’s license with a scanner;  this seems to be a new security precaution that may become more common at clubs. 

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