Sunday, April 01, 2018

Washington Blade runs hard-hitting story on FOSTA (the erosion of CDA230 over the Backpage sex-trafficking scandal)

The Washington Blade has authored a detailed story by Lou Chibbaro Jr., on FOSTA, noting in the headline Craigslist’s decision to drop all personal ads.  

Although the article emphasizes that the main concerns are with user-generated ads accepted on sites that specialize in ads, the article gives a detailed explanation of the downstream liability problem, along with narrative detail of the problems at Backpage that led to the law’s relatively quick and overwhelming passage.  The tone of the article is in places almost what you would see in a conservative publication.

On March 21, I had sent the Blade a Twitter message with a link to my March 5 Wordpress article on the passage of FOSTA in the House.  The bill passed the Senate that same day. 

The Guardian is reporting that “sexual freedom is at risk” from these bills – sacrificing from the many to protect the vulnerable from the sins of relatively few.  
Queerly questions whether dating apps will go next? 
And the subreddit “Gaybros” weighs in here

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