Sunday, May 13, 2018

Interesting party at TownDC; New NRA president brings up DADT

A couple stories in the May 11 Washington Blade have some incidental significance.
TownDC is one of the bars opposing a DC ballot measure that would eliminate the :”tipped wage” exemption, as reported here by Lou Chibbaro, Jr.
The fact that Town is included in the list is indirectly encouraging;  it would suggest that progress is being made on finding another venue to open after July 1. 

I was at town last night and saw a bizarre stage show upstairs.

T J Flavell (GoGayDC) offers a picture with Rayceen Pendarvis at Town last night. 
Chris Johnson has a story about Oliver North’s presidency of the NRA.  North is said to have compared the fight against gay rights to the 19th century fight against slavery.  North is reported to opposing not only transgender service in the military but even to the 2011 repeal of DADT;  even John McCain is now onboard with this. This is all rather disturbing that this would come up.  On the other hand, I sometimes listened to North on talk radio in the 1990s in my car, at a time when he owned a security company in northern VA.  He said that he doesn’t “ask” and at the time thought that the military shouldn’t.

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