Monday, May 07, 2018

"No Justice No Pride" accuses "gay conservatives" as complicit with group oppression; a challenge for Capital Pride

Capital Pride Alliance is having to deal with (presumably) left-wing and “intersectional” protest group(s) like No Justice No Pride, who object strenuously to participation by police, gun manufacturers, and parts of the “Beltway bandit” defense industry in the upcoming Pride celebration the weekend of June 10 in Washington.  (Baltimore’s will occur the following weekend in 2018.)

The No Justice No Pride website speaks of “complicity” with oppressors which I would myself have some doubts about. 

Lou Chibarro Jr. has a detailed story in this weekend’s Washington Blade.  
Pride Alliance has recognized that the gay community does have (McCain or Reagan-style) conservative and libertarian elements, as well as members of the military and intelligence committees.  The objections of NJNP might seem at odds with the fight to include transgender people in the military now (and at least one transgender person, and an expert on intelligence, as a Navy Seal before transition).
Personally, while I applaud the passion and media skills of people like David Hogg, right now I am receptive to both sides on the gun issues.  It is possible that disarming the public can make it more vulnerable to terrorism (as in Europe).

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