Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Pulse survivors articulate at least two new disturbing narratives; more on Pence

Out Magazine reports a disturbing narrative where a Pulse survivor claimed that “Jesus” had cured him of being gay.  The article include a bedside picture with an absurd tattoo taking up his chest.
The subtext of the story sets a disquieting precedent:  that violence, intimidation and use of force by someone else’s ideological or religious dogma works.  The fascists and communists both make no bones about doing that (let alone radical Islam, which is both). 

(There was supposed to be a gathering from this ex-gay group at the Sylvan Theater on the Mall Saturday, May 5.) 

Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade (he was given an award at the Correspondents’ Dinner April 28) reports that another Pulse survivor, Brandon Wolf, has claimed that Vice President Pence still wants gays to have conversion therapy.  Pence’s office has denied that Pence has supported the practice, which he seemed to do in 2000, at which time the height of the AIDS epidemic in active gay men, while receding, had occurred 15 years before. 
Trump is reported to have joked “He wants to hang ‘em all”.  While many call for the impeachment of Trump over his disregard for the law in many areas and reputed obstruction of justice regarding the investigations, Pence could be much worse over issues like gays in the military (with the 2011 DADT repeal).  There are some claims that Pence urged the transgender ban.

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