Friday, May 11, 2018

Transgender people seek asylum at border at Tijuana after migration from Central America

GLAD Legal Advocates and Defenders issued a press release May 10,2018 regarding a number of transgender women held at the border, probably most in detention once crossing, link here
The Washington Blade has a more detailed story by Christopher Kane. Apparently many are stuck at the border in Tijuana but many have lived through an arson fire south of the border.

Once admitted, they will have credible fear interviews and it is likely many would be placed in detention until they are paroled out, unless they have money themselves.

The story did not address non-trans LGBT asylum seekers in this situation.
Presumably non-profits could run fundraisers for allowing people out of detention with parole money, but then they would need housing for some number of months until allowed to work, and have to go through the entire asylum process often discussed before, and it is getting more difficult under Trump.

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