Monday, June 11, 2018

Capital PrideFest benefits from cool weather, rains hold off; people more radical than at the parade

It remained cloudy and relatively comfortable, and the heavy rains stayed to the west on Sunday, as Capital Pride held its street festival without a hitch. 

I got there about 2 PM. 

The crowd was more radical, with some obvious gender fluidity and body shaving and tattoos, especially with the people walking around after I had just arrived  -- than it had been for the Pride march Saturday, which was a lot more macho (as was the bar).

Generally, I haven’t seen tattoos in the male gay community as frequently as the population as whole (except for a short period Sunday).  People who use tattoos often would not be viewed as attractive by earlier standards of attractive common in my own young adulthood. In fact, a wife of a good friend in the early seventies had wanted me to go full hog with body art and beads and hippy stuff, since I couldn’t compete with other men “normally”.  (“Hogg”, by the way, looks very clean cut, very cis.)

I fact, I encountered one person from the Cobalt the night before on the way to the Nat’s game, which was held to 4:05 PM to accommodate Pride.  The Nats, even with Scherzer pitching, got shut out. (By the way, I missed gay night at the Nats Park Tuesday this year because that was the day I returned from Texas.)

I attended both alcohol bullpens (but only one beer).  The lines were not long. The second bullpen, near the Newseum on the north side of PA avenue., featured the dance floor, which was very crowded and largely minority.  The fogging machine ran often, and you could see the pipes.  At least one tech celebrity was there.
 It's worthy of note that the CIA and law enforcement agencies advertised at Fest, as in the past few years. 

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