Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Homophobia correlates to low literacy and cognition; gay clubs seem to thrive in cities where land prices are lower

LGBTQ Nation reports on a study with the not surprising finding that lower IQ and lower cognitive ability is correlated to homophobia, link here.

The article bears a curious resemblance to the work of Charles Murray.

The skills talked about in the article relate to abstract thinking, planning, and the ability to see consequences and "connect the dots", or to "see around corners" as Dr. Phil once said.  Stable two-parent families do help  -- an ironic observation

On the other hand, when I see the fantastic accomplishments of a few people (whether gay or not) in their teens and early twenties --  Jack Andraka, Dallas Taylor, Taylor Wilson, and for that matter David Hogg and Mark Zuckerberg, I can’t help think that they’ve all lived before, and have the privilege of continuing with brand new young adult bodies.  How else can someone know all the insides of nuclear physics at age 13?  Maybe a past life is remembered as a dream, and the people who benefit from one just don’t tell.  If you could count past lives into age eligibility, David Hogg could be president how and replace “President Poopiepants”.  (No, David doesn’t want to take away all your guns.)
I drove past the bars in Oklahoma City Sunday morning (not up to finding late at night – oddly, there is a business called Pulse).  It still bears my theory that clubs in cities with cheaper land have a better future today than those in coastal cities. The management of Town DC ought to visit the S4 in Dallas for ideas.

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