Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What about "toxic gay masculinity"?

Here’s a story on “The Establishment” about “toxic gay masculinity”, link

Are hypothetical preferences for “cis males” (especially white) a problem when widely held in the more established white male gay community?

I would rather disagree with the generalization of gay men seeing “blacks” and “Latinos” as masculine and seeing Asians as feminine.  The character Paul (the Japanese-ancestry baseball pitcher from Days of our Lives) blows away the second stereotype. And Silicon Valley, rumor has it, is largely ruled by Asian men.

But among white males there’s another marker that doesn’t differentiate MOC as it does many Caucasians (including men from the Middle East and India). That is, a lot of variation in male body hair, probably because of evolution in colder climates (and “reverse minoxidil” to turn off body response to androgens didn’t develop in Europeans much). People don’t talk about it a lot, but they definitely notice. 

But in general, as for dating, most men (especially white) have tended to look for other cis men and pretty much ignored the fluidity issue.

I note that a number of videos on YouTube purporting to show medical exams and massages seem to be exercises in showing desirable, often very cis, bodies and the palpitation thereof. 

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