Thursday, August 02, 2018

Extremist chatter from both sides of the "gay divide" continues, to be exploited by the Russians

An older gay man in Florida, who calls himself center-of-right, writes a strong letter to the Wall Street Journal where he calls major gay rights organizations “hate groups” and praises Senator Orin Hatch for condemning people’s bringing politics into public spaces and refusing to serve others whom they disagree with, for religious or any reason (that goes both ways, as Sarah Sanders found out).

On Saturday, July 28, Freddie’s Beach bar experienced religious protestors outdoors from its drag show.  I don’t recall this has happened at any bar in the DC area.  I was at a party in Fairfax VA Saturday night
A GOP candidate for a state house seat from Poplar Bluff, MO claims that homosexuality is more dangerous than smoking and that being gay cuts 30 years off life expectancy.  But such claims may have held more traction for men back in the 1980s during the explosive AIDS epidemic.

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