Monday, August 06, 2018

Georgetown University in Washington offers full scholarship to gay student expelled by his parents, after successful GoFundMe page

Georgetown University has extended a full scholarship to an incoming freshman, Seth Owen, who was expelled from his home by his parents when they found out he was gay (it’s not clear if he told them himself from this report), NBC News story here. He had been a high school valedictorian. 

A former high school teacher set up a GoFundMe page, which raised over six times its goal.  At that point Georgetown decided to offer the scholarship, which normally would have not been extended because his family could have contributed.

Perhaps this is somewhat reminiscent of my own fiasco with William and Mary in 1961 – but not exactly, as my parents picked up the tab at GWU (also in DC)  for four years with final tuition in those days ending at $800 a semester for 15 hours credit. 

Based on religion, this could have been challenging for Georgetown, at least in the past, as a Catholic (Jesuit) university. 
I had not heard about this until maybe this past weekend. 

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