Friday, August 31, 2018

Pitchers: My first visit to one of DC's newer clubs, and it is bigger than I had thought

Last night, after GoGayDC event at the Embassy hotel near Dupont Circle (in Washington DC), I walked the 3500 feet (according to Google Maps into Adams Morgan, uphill on top of the Fall Line (an Adventuring Hike, so to speak) to Pitchers DC, the new (as of June 2018) gay dance and sports bar complex at Kalorama and 18th St.

I had really not heard about the place until last week from this Metro Weekly article by John Riley, and had spent some time visiting bars even in other cities as Town closed July 1. 

But Pitchers is the largest bar to open recently.  It has a large downstairs restaurant area, then an upstairs, itself split level, with two bars, a dance floor, and a patio (no smoking). The bar, however “preppy” in mood, has elements of similar bars in other cities.  One thinks of Therapy in NYC in Hells Kitchen, SueEllens in Dallas at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton (forcing the old TMC itself to move) and a bar on the East Bank in Minneapolis that eventually closed, the Boom.  One or two places on Santa Monica in West Hollywood come to mind, too.

And then, there is the sports bar element.  Last night, the Washington Redskins were losing their last preseason game in Baltimore to the Ravens, and a couple of college football and European soccer games also played (as if to please Belgian actor Timo Descamps (“Judas Kiss”)). As for sports and especially baseball, it would help if the Nationals do better again.  (Yes, the Nats badly need a southpaw ace next season – and I rather ignored Daniel Murphy’s comments in the past.)  The dance floor was featuring square dancing when I was there relatively early on a Thursday evening for my first visit. 

The interview in Metro Weekly with owner David Perruzza is controversial.  First, a few years ago there was a fracas over his request regarding models to show up for an ad, as reported in Mic.  All I can say is, look at the model on the Mic page himself.  You cannot tell if the model is a POC, or if the effect is simply from low lighting or photo manipulation.

But in the Metro interview, Perruzza takes on social media – he doesn’t have a Twitter account for Pitchers. (Town Danceboutique’s Twitter account is still up and active, with a lot of memorable video.)  He also takes on the radical left, the “social justice warriors” that are polarizing the Democratic party.  Some of his remarks sound like they come from one of Tim Pool’s Timcast videos.  He suggested that the social justice warriors should stop talking, and instead volunteer in homeless shelters (or maybe soup kitchens) and learn how to “raise money” for non profits.  Is this Nicholas Taleb’s “Skin in the game” idea, from a gay libertarian-leaning  conservative, who probably has his theories as to how the GOP collapsed under Putin and Trump (yes, but because of Facebook, not Twitter).  He probably admires David Hogg, but would be a good interview subject on Fox News by Laura Ingraham.
Still, will Pitchers replace Town?  Well, the drag queens have gone to Trade, Ziegfelds, and (I’m told) the Eagle, despite the latter’s place in the cis male world.  I have to recall my visit to Eagle in 2017 – the minute I walked in the door, Bryce Harper got hit by a pitch on their TV and started a rhubarb.

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