Monday, September 03, 2018

Fostering agency would close rather than follow the law on LGBT parents; entertainers from Town now seem to be working in other clubs

The Supreme Court, on Aug. 31, rejected a case from a Catholic foster agency in Philadelphia that had sued when forced to consider LGBT couples as parents (maybe also singles) as counter to its religious teaching.  The group that runs the agencies closes agencies in cities where it is not allowed to discriminate. LGBTNation has a story here and notes that Republican lawmakers want to introduce a bill to allow such religious discrimination when using public funds.

This could be harmful if social service agencies getting federal funds could discriminate against LGBT asylum seekers or volunteers serving them.  That was a problem with Catholic Charities in Dallas in 1980 with the Mirabel Boatlift.

On another matter, it appears to me that draq queens from Town are now working other shows, such as last night at Freddie’s in Arlington VA.

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