Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Revisit DC Eagle; more on bars in stadium areas of DC

Sunday afternoon, I made a jaunt to DC Eagle, my first visit since Town close.

I parked at the Minnesota Ave. Metro free on Sunday (must use Smart Card all other days to leave).  It’s a long walk across Benning Road
I got after the Redskin’s game started. But all that went on was karaoke.  But I’m told it’s busy Saturday night – no dress codes.  I was told you can park near the Safeway now with security guard watching.

There seems to be no recent reliable information on the Baltimore Eagle.

As to rumors about Ziegfeld’s (I heard them there), the best info seems to be that the developers of the land would build residence and retail (not parking) but would not start until at least 2019 or perhaps 2010.

The Blade has some stories, in 2016 and recentlyThe City Paper had weighed in on July 3 after the closing of Town.

Bottom line:  there ought to be a gay disco space in the stadium area, in a more modern building and with a parking garage  This is more likely, ironically or not, if both the Nationals and DC United do well. People who go to the Eagle do tend to follow sports, and there is a feeling that the Nationals management messed up the team with poor trades in 2018.  
Ziegfeld’s had moved in 2009 (before my June 2011 visit) and replaced its liquor and dance licenses without too much trouble. So it’s had nine years so far.  But there is a problem in general that when bars are evicted by landlords for development, cities don’t always let them have licenses in new locations.  

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