Monday, October 29, 2018

A smaller Halloween party Saturday night

I tried a smaller penultimate weekend Halloween Party this year, just at Freddie’s, Oct. 27.

The plasma screens on the porch are down, but the TV’s are in the bar, and yes, the Boston Red Sox attracted attention in the top of the ninth inning with their outburst.
There were some karaoke singers, and not as many costumes as usual.  I learned of some interesting things in conversation, like one man who does extreme sports and skydiving and does instruction in it.  (I actually know of another, who does Shaun White stuff.)

Then there is the issue of how much the LGBTQ community should focus on its own identity and equality issues, and how often it should speak to bigger problems, like anti-Semitism, and gun violence (Chris Johnson story, Blade). 

For example, AGLA can only bring speakers to deal with the narrower issues.  But after the elections, a lot of us will probably want to hear speakers like David Hogg and his friends.
I just now put my polling place and voter ID on my phone for Nov. 6, before uploading this post!

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