Monday, October 01, 2018

DC Councilman has embarrassing incident with bouncer at a major DC club

DC Council Member Vincent Gray had a minor altercation and minor injuries with a bouncer at the DC Eagle on Saturday night, where there was some kind of art show.  The bouncer had said his ID was inadequate.

Normally a driver’s license or passport is adequate as it must show date of birth, age > 21.
NBC Washington has the story and video here.  The news story does give the Eagle’s side of the story.

Bars have become very strict about requiring ID even among patrons who look “much” older than 21, including senior citizens.

Back in the fall of 2002, in Minneapolis, I was twice denied entry into the Brass Rail by a bouncer who thought I was stumbling as if compromised by alcohol. But I was not.
In early October of 2001 (shortly after 9/11), at the Gay Nineties in Minneapolis, I was ejected after merely walking downstairs, by a security guard who thought I was compromised.  I had finished only about two-third of one beer.  But these are the only such incidents I recall in my whole life.

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