Sunday, October 21, 2018

Finally, for me, Saturday night at DC Eagle; gay interracial couple; Adam Rippon still in view

Saturday night, I finally made it to the DC Eagle when the dance floor was open, for the event, this time called “BrutBear”.

I had no trouble getting there by Uber, or catching Uber when I was leaving (out at Minnesota Ave).
The admission to the bar was free, but the dance floor show as expensive, $30.

Inside, the décor rather reminded me of the Burning Man “no spectators” even east of Reno NV every September.

There is no mandatory leather dress code, but maybe two thirds of the people were from that community, compared to more preppie discos.  The music was almost all percussion.

The Washington Post today has a “Retropolis” story (Justin Moyer) of a gay male interracial couple that spent over 40 years together and had met in 1965.

There is also an article om the Washington Post Magazine “Adam Rippon Wants to Stay Famous”, by Nora Caplan-Bricker, photos by Marvin Joseph, with the display of some chest hair “allowed” for the first time ever (after some months ago he was in a YouTube video on body shaving, Sept. 6 post). Rippon had a chance to play political peacemaker at the South Korean Olympic Games, and I don’t recall that he ever met with Pence. But during that time Trump finally decided to gradually dial down the rhetoric on Kim Jong Un, which has turned out to be very important for all of us.

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