Thursday, October 25, 2018

In an era when lesbian bars close, two (or three) new ones open in Washington DC

The Washington Post, in a story by Marissa J. Lang, discusses the disappearance of gay bars and especially women’s or lesbian bars around the country, mostly to gentrification of neighborhoods.

But two new lesbian bars have opened in Washington DC, XX+ in Shaw, and a League of her Own in Adams Morgan.  Furthermore, in August, Pitchers designated a portion of its floor space to women, called ALOHO.  I have not noticed that on my two visits to Pitchers, where there are multiple sports bar video screens (like the World Series now), and where many women do come to the dance floor.

But there were always many women at Town, even if the dance floor had a reputation as a bit male “preppy”.  Cobalt (which redid its upstairs dance floor in 2012) has sometimes reserved “ladies nights” certain Saturdays, but I don’t know if that continued when Town closed.

The article discusses the closing of Phase One on 8th St SE;  Phase had also operated a women’s bar on the site of the old Apex on 23rd St, which closed in 2007 but which had been a good dance club.  

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