Saturday, October 06, 2018

Lambda Legal takes on case involving rescinded job offer, and eldercare

Lambda Legal offers an important story about the case of Mark Horton, a sales manager for a hospice company in Pittsburgh, married to Alton Greenough.  In order to be closer to his own mother who needed care, he took a similar job with another similar company in Illinois.

But he disclosed his legal gay marriage and soon had his job offer withdrawn, as explained in Lamda Legal’s article. 
I’m certainly familiar, from my own past, with the anxiety of starting a new job when all you have is the “offer”.  And my own mother’s eldercare created dilemmas, starting in 1999 when I was 900 miles away in Minneapolis.  This sounds like very tacky behavior on the part of the new company, and outside of mainstream corporate HR norms today, whatever the exact legal requirements. 
But there is a real problem in interpreting the law to mean that “gender” alone incorporates “sexuality” or “gender identity”. I don't think the current Supreme Court (with Kavanaugh) will sympathize with this extensive stretch of the law, taken literally.  
I did visit Pitcher’s (Adams Morgan)  last night on a weekend night for the first time,  I saw the end of the Yankees-Red Sox game (it is a sports bar) and visited the many rooms (like in Bartok’s opera “Bluebeard’s Castle”, maybe), including the dance floor, which was very crowded.  People were not as demonstrably intimate on the floor as they had been at Town.  One of the owners introduced himself. 

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