Sunday, October 14, 2018

OK, plenty of entrepeneurs in the gay community follow Nicholas Taleb's advice and put their "Skin in the Game"

Had my first dinner, salmon, at Fredericio’s Ristorante Italiano, the restaurant Freddie Lutz bought a few doors down from his Beach Bar in Crystal City in Arlington VA. 

Freddie certainly follows Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s edict “You must start a business” in his “Skin in the Game” book.  The bar and restaurant business is locally risky, and the gay bookstore business is even riskier. Local independent bookshops seem to thrive now, however, and that deserves a look.
Earlier I had tried to go to the cookout at DC Eagle that was supposed to happen at 4 PM (according to its own website).  The crowd was small.  The bartender said he did not have the materials to do the event.  Odd.  At least the Halloween decorations are up.  And, yes, there is some parking on the premises now (but usually you have to do Minnesota Ave. Metro and take your Smart Card).  The neighborhood around it is slowly gentrifying and looking better (which means prices go up).  People seem to be buying condos and rowhouses around Union Market and East.

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