Friday, October 26, 2018

Paglia's controversial video on transgenderism and culture; Caitlyn slams Trump on trans issues in op-ed

In 2016, Camille Paglia made this video where she expressed the opinion that transgender mania is a sign of “cultural collapse”.

At least, minors should not be trying surgery or puberty-delaying hormones. 

Although maybe this is more about others not wanting to see gender norms diluted as role model examples to follow.  The same culture now may regard cis-male gay athletes as fine as role models.  (Not sure where Rippon fits, then.)

There are other YouTube videos that say reversing a trans decision is no big deal.

At least I thought this was interesting, given Paglia’s reputation.

Caitlyn Jenner, who had announced she was a Republican, has an op-ed in the Washington Post. “I thought Trump would help trans people. I was wrong.” 

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