Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tim Pool blasts New York Times for intentionally creating confusion on Trump administration's reported plans on the political definition of "sex" for federal purposes

Tim Pool has a video today very critical of the New York Times story on the “transgender erasure” which led to all kinds of demonstrations.

He claims that the NYTimes deliberately confused the words “sex” and “gender” and that the Trump policy is very limited in what it actually would mean. 

By the way, it's worth remembering that Selective Service Rules on mandatory registration of males is based on this same definition of birth sex.

Update: Oct.  26

This piece in the NY Times by Anne Fausto-Sterling on the science of how sex develops and why it is not always binary, seems very relevant.  The article notes that Orban in Hungary wants to shut down gender-identity studies and insist that only binary gender be recognized, and important idea on the right for patriarchal control. 

The Economist also has a similar article Oct. 30 (paywall, easy to find in print), questioning haste by youth and kids. 

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