Saturday, October 27, 2018

Washington National Cathedral holds memorial service for interment of Matthew Shepard twenty years later

Friday, the Washington National Cathedral held an internment service for Matthew Shepard, who was murdered in Laramie Wyoming in October 1998.

The family had been afraid to bury the ashes in a conventional fashion out of fear of desecration.

Here is the link for the entire program. 

Here is the video, for the nearly three hour service.

The Right Reverent V. Gene Robinson presided.

The musicians included the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC, the Rock Creek Singers, and Conspirare.  A major musical item toward the end is a setting of Samuel Barber’s Adagio.
Shepard has been remembered in film (“Anatomy of a Hate Crime”, 2001, and “The Matthew Shepard Story”, 2002). 

There was a major outdoor service in Loring Park in Minneapolis in October 1998 when I lived there.

I have heard the Beethoven Solemn Mass in D, played at the Cathedral (back in 2007).  The Cathedral sustained damage from the earthquake in August 2011.  
I have visited Laramie, WY once, in August 1994.

Also, yesterday I noticed a YouTube video (I won't give the link) from a young pastor who advocated a "humane" death penalty for homosexuals.  I don't report content for censorship; in a few cases I have reported emails to the FBI (this happened a few times from 9/11 until 2005). This sounds like maybe a TOS problem, but the radicalization "risk" to the public is minuscule. 

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