Saturday, November 17, 2018

LGBTQ leadership fears Whitaker could undermine DADT repeal (let alone trans)

The Nov. 15 and 22 issue of Metro Weekly has a disturbing article on p 24, “The Feed”, titled “Bad Trade”, of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for acting AG Matthew Whitaker, without Senate approval, here

Whitaker lobbied heavily against repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” in 2010 (let alone the transgender ban today) as well as for a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman later. This is the first credible article in the gay press during the Trump years that raises the idea that the DADT repeal could be undone.

There are many other problems with Whitaker, regarding separation of church and state, and even respecting “Marbury v. Madison”.
While I’m at it, I’ll give another Riley link whose suggestion I am not personally ready to live up to right now.  But you can say why not. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

LGBTQ asylum seekers among the first to reach the border from the caravans, at Tijuana; unclear if they will be allowed to "apply"; litigation expected

The Washington Post is reporting that LGBTQ asylum seekers are among the first to reach the border, at Tijuana Mexico (south of San Diego), in this story by Sarah Kinosian and Joshua Partlow. 
It appears that the administration may have closed off all “legal” entry for now, which according to Trump’s recent announcement, would create a Catch 22 preventing asylum claims from being filed. 

 This development will quickly be challenged in court if so.
This will surely lead to more calls for donations and assistance, but it is not clear what can work.
Tim Pool reports (late Friday afternoon, today) some clashes between migrants and residents in Mexico, but it is unlikely these are the same people.
This Quora answer from a libertarian seems very comprehensive and interesting.

Wikipedia attribution:
By miguemike - Own work, Public Domain, Link

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lambda Legal calls out gun violence (as with Tree of Life incident in Pittsburgh)

Lambda Legal has called out the Tree of Life gun massacre in Pittsburgh, and indicated that the event was part of a week of white supremacist violence, suggesting that an event in a sports bar north of Los Angeles might have been similarly motivated, press release. 

I visited the memorial in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh Sunday night.

The clubs in Pittsburgh are mostly downtown along the Allegheny River (which has a spectacular bridge crossing on the PA Turnpike farther north). Driving in Pittsburgh is so confusing that I didn’t get around to checking them out.  I finally figured out how to get to the lower road (route 51) on the South Bank (below “Mount Washington”) to Station Square, and contented myself with a sports bar that allowed smoking (I thought everything in the US is non-smoking now).
I think that the whole topic of LGBTQ rights is getting more tribalized, with trans and fluid breaking off into its own intersectional groups.  Libertarian arguments seem much less welcome.  Everyone is seeing other groups as an enemy, now that some see white supremacy as a re-emerging political threat which must be met since the president has, by default, appeared to legitimize it and now journalists have to report it, further keeping the ideology in circulation.
When to personal tastes in what one would want in a partner become a political issue?  Milo Yiannopoulos is always warning that this is already happening.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Jared Polis elected nations first openly gay governor (Colorado)

Jared Polis was elected as the nation’s first “openly” gay governor, of Colorado, more or less a purple state.

His partner is Marlon Reis.  They are raising a son and daughter (don’t know if by adoption).
In 1996, Romer v. Evans had overturned Colorado’s Amendment 2.  I remember learning about the decision when I ran into sailor Keith Meinhold (pre DADT) on 17th Street in DC. 

In New Hampshire, two transgender women were elected to the state house of representatives, and one to the federal House (Blade).

There are some unmarried male politicians:  Jerry Brown, Lindsey Graham, even James Mattis. 
Pikes Peak Picture:  By Hogs555 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link   I drove it in 1994. 

Sunday, November 04, 2018

On "set the clocks back" night, the photography question comes back

For “Set the Clocks Back” with its extra hour one Saturday night (the first Saturday of November) every year, I tried Pitcher’s last night, first time on a Saturday, post World Series, post Boston Red Sox (and pre-signing of Bryce Harper). It's a good chance to see who survived Halloween intact. 

I did see the new women’s bar on the lower level, and there were plenty of men.

Almost every room was packed.

There was a little incident. Recall the Sunflower submarine hat that I bought during my 1993 visit in Norfolk early in the gays in the military debate.  I lost it in the move to the condo, so I bought a replacement on Amazon that says “U.S. Submarine Service: Boomer”.

I got a question even from the bouncer if I had served.  Later in one of the upstairs rooms (not the dance floor) a young man (familiar) accompanied by several women asked the same.  He tried it on.  
He took it off.  I snapped a quick cell phone photo.  Totally dressed, no nudity, nothing erotic.

About five minutes later another girl suddenly popped over and practically took the iPhone from my hand. “Did you take my friend’s picture?  That is so not O.K.” 

I’ve checked tonight. It is not on my iCloud.  (There is an earlier picture of the person who I will not identify, or where, on my harddrive.)

I interpreted his activity as giving me permission for the one headshot. 

I don’t know if this is tribalism (I’m not part of the in-group), or “safe space”, or “Me Too” as if I reminded her of Kevin Spacey.

It is indeed much less acceptable today to take photos of people in bars than it was ten years ago.  (A few bars have no-photo policies, as do some circuit parties.) Facebook is part of the reason, especially now, with all the privacy scandals.  And a smartphone photo can be exchanged on Snapchat so fast – except that I don’t have Snapchat or use it.

So for anything like a closeup, you need verbal permission.  I think I had it.  The person has to be >= 21 since the ID’s are checked.

The Town (as did the Apex, the Velvet Nation, and Tracks) had a balcony that made long shots possible, and no one objects to those (and lens closeups are possible. 

But the established gay media has a legacy market on up-close photos, especially Metro Weekly. So this is turning into a micro problem about independent journalism (see my main blog post today). 
There are plenty of photos from Town's last party on sale legally (don’t know the price per image, maybe $10, and if that gives posting rights.)

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Draconian anti-gay crackdown reported in Tanzania; Bolsonaro (Brazil) said to be anti-gay

There are horrifying reports coming out of Tanzania (essentially the same as Tanganyika in many atlases) about an unprecedented crackdown on homosexuals, including forced outing and spying on private lives, using informants.  NPR has a typical story here

BBC mentions Dar es Salaam in a story here

Anti-gay policies, especially in Africa, are a huge problem for employers who must do business in these countries and send domestic employees there. 
There are a lot of concerns about the new right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, story. 

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Corporate America castigates Trump on his transgender policy proposals

56 (now probably more) major US companies are warning Donald Trump to back off his war on transgender or fluid people, or it will be bad for the economy and earnings.
Chris Johnson has a story in the Washington Blade. 
This story appeared on the same day as a story about protests at Google demanding equity and apparently quotas in highly paid positions (see IT Jobs blog).  Libertarians like meritocracy and equality, but not forced equity.  (That was like the “No bunts except for Boushka” on the third grade playground back in 1951.)

But today the story is also about what happened to my comment.  I noted that the Blade should look into the Selective Service System rule on registration requirement by “birth gender” as binary male. I noted that activists have overlooked it.  The comment is in pending status, but when you click on it, you see every comment I have ever made on any site using the Disqus system.  (I use Blogger’s own here, and the Wordpress system on other blogs, along with Akismet).  I don’t mind at all, but it doesn’t seem appropriate the (Blade) site should behave this way! I had thought the Blade used WP, but maybe that isn’t the case.