Thursday, November 01, 2018

Corporate America castigates Trump on his transgender policy proposals

56 (now probably more) major US companies are warning Donald Trump to back off his war on transgender or fluid people, or it will be bad for the economy and earnings.
Chris Johnson has a story in the Washington Blade. 
This story appeared on the same day as a story about protests at Google demanding equity and apparently quotas in highly paid positions (see IT Jobs blog).  Libertarians like meritocracy and equality, but not forced equity.  (That was like the “No bunts except for Boushka” on the third grade playground back in 1951.)

But today the story is also about what happened to my comment.  I noted that the Blade should look into the Selective Service System rule on registration requirement by “birth gender” as binary male. I noted that activists have overlooked it.  The comment is in pending status, but when you click on it, you see every comment I have ever made on any site using the Disqus system.  (I use Blogger’s own here, and the Wordpress system on other blogs, along with Akismet).  I don’t mind at all, but it doesn’t seem appropriate the (Blade) site should behave this way! I had thought the Blade used WP, but maybe that isn’t the case.

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