Saturday, December 29, 2018

Facebook algorithms said to make things worse for LGBTQ people overseas in non-western countries

Mike Buonaiuto has an article from the UK that says Facebook (and probably other social media platforms) should take responsibility for their negative impact on LGBTQ rights overseas. 

I’ve seen reaction already that some feel that this article is overblown.

I’ve always paid most heed to the logic of any arguments that are advanced.  I was able to advance my own theories, twenty years ago, on gays in the military because the way Web 1.0 worked, encouraging the use of search engines, resulted in people being more independent in how they formed political opinions because they didn’t have algorithms that let them get lazy about the news.

I’m not sure it’s up to Facebook to edit the opinions that get sent to people in echo chambers in various countries, once the validity of accounts is established.
But one problem is that in some countries Facebook “is the Internet” and there is poor infrastructure to encourage individuals to look up things for themselves. I have a posting on my main blog about this Dec. 28, along with an embed of a video by Tim Pool on this problem.  Another problem is that algorithmic politics inherently leads to the circulation of more extreme (instersectional) demands on "both" sides. 

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