Monday, December 31, 2018

Some controversy with regard to blood donations from trans people? Also, Jordan Peterson's limited view of romance

Lifestyle News has a story from Canada about more extremist trans-related activism complaining abouty other blood tests – it is possible for a trans person who had been pregnant (before transitioning) to carry dangerous antibodies?  I had not heard this before. 

But of course this recalls the blood donation ban for gay men (or MSM) only very begrudgenly lifted for men who had abstained long enough.

I picked up a clip from a video by Jordan Peterson claiming that “romance” is only for young people.  It’s not for happiness, it’s only for forming a relationship to have and raise children.  Peterson has reluctantly said it is sometimes OK for (married) same-sex couples to adopt children because there are no other capable parents available (which happens a lot).  But what is his view of same-sex romance?  Maybe like in “Judas Kiss”?

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