Saturday, June 22, 2019

Vigil at Dupont Circle last night for victims (especially trans PoC) of gun and other violence in DC

I’ll share Ford Fischer’s and News2Share’s post of a vigil at Dupont Circle in Washington DC Friday evening for the victims of numerous gun violence events in Washington DC, many of the transgender POC, although the event could have been held for all victims of gun violence, in the spirit of “March for our Lives”.
I was at AFI-Docs at Landmark E St (watching “Gay Chorus, Deep South) at the same time so I was not there.  

Ford also shared some of the details in a series of tweets . He fears the video might get taken down because it talks about “violence”.  Maza’s attack on YouTube is backfiring.  Ford's video is available for licensing for major news channels and documentary filmmakers. 
A gay teenage basketball player and his family has sued a local school district for discrimination, Brewster Ohio, story in the Columbus Disptach (paywall). 
It’s important to remember that major league sports in the US do have clauses banning discrimination. Although unusual, it is conceivable that a female-to-male trans player would be able to compete in, say, MLB some day.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Odd article on disability in the LGBTQ+ world

Belo Cipriani offers a curious article in the Pride week issue of the Washington Blade, “People with disabilities battle forced intimacy, ableism, here

The article suggests that some healthy people on power trips expect disabled people to accept imtimacy with them.  That’s an odd reversal from the more usual arguments about “normies” refusing to consider dating trans people or PWD, or even cross race, as if personal tastes needed to be politically correct for wokeness.

In the meantime Eduardo Sanchez Ubanell (with a boyfriend) makes a demonstration of manliness as summer starts in Santa Monica.  There has been an angry exchange in twitter recently, claiming "gay men are not men" (banned), and that "cis" is a redundant, cult term. 

You can drive Santa Monica Blvd from the beach to West Hollywood, to the Abbey.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Charismatic young man describes gay life in Russia in disturbing videos

Sasha Domansky has a pair of videos, totally to about one hour, “Watch This If You Are Still in the Closet and Need Advice”.

The speaker is quite physical and well built, but he describes his harassment and being beaten in Russia by vigilantes who said that he had to be a pedophile because he was “queer” – which is the subofficial line in Vladimir Putin’s Russia and has been so since the anti-gay propaganda law in 2013.
Wikipedia attribution link, picture from Russian govt, CCSA 4.0 of Russian “White House”.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Baltimore Pride continues with festival at Druid Hill Park; valuable booth on PrEP

Baltimore Pride festival in Druid Hill park tended to be much more a minority and POC affair than ever. Some of the usual companies were there. 

The Libertarian Party of Maryland had a booth there, but I was surprised how little it knew about the recent free speech controversy regarding Carlos Maza and “#Voxadpocalypse”.

There was also a booth with great information on PrEP, which right now is normally covered by insurance. The cards were divided by different audiences, like MSM, women, and trans.

I thought I would mention a book review by Economic Invincibility (Martin Goldberg) of “Androphilia” by Jack Donovan and Jack Malebranche.  I don't know why Martin pronounces "homosexual" with the vowel in the first syllable shortened. 

The point seems to be that, for all the attention to fluidity and trans (particularly visible this weekend in Baltimore compared to DC) what most gay men want is very masculine, male partners.  The term refers to sexual attraction to people who display visible masculinity.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Baltimore Pride is less "preppy" and less cis male than DC's

Interesting day at Baltimore Pride.

Police blocked off the direct entrance on Charles Street.  You had to walk one block west on North Ave, up one long block, over a half block, and up an alley behind the Baltimore Eagle.

The parade did not have many corporate floats, compared to DC.

The people were more “fluid”, with more tattoos or shaving,  and more trans, and less presence of cis white males.  By way of comparison, the gay party at Nationals Park on June 4 was very male, very macho.

I went to a movie at the Parkway (“Shaft”) and then returned and got into the Baltimore Eagle, reopened. Only the upstairs was open as some of the bar was too full.

There was one dancer with angel’s wings and a light string necklace that simulate a spiral galaxy.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Cop in Tennessee draws outrage for off-duty homophobic lay sermon; foster care case in SC involving Catholic church and refugees

A few days after the Maza-Crowder controversy threw up all over YouTube and other creators, a sheriff and lay pastor at a “fundamentalist” Baptist church in Knoxville TN drew controversy with a sermon claiming that government should persecute homosexuals (does he mean physically, does he mean restoring sodomy laws?) 

Station WVLT has a detailed story and a video, which I will not embed given its graphic nature. 

This created some furor on Twitter today as journalist Ford Fischer wondered what happened if a journalist posted the sermon for reporting purposes, like covering a protest.

The sheriff is actually being investigated, but what he did probably doesn’t break the law.  He might have broken department policies, but then you have free speech for public employees – but not always.  What if a teacher did this off hours?

Apparently this church is like Westboro.

Lambda Legal is following an important case in South Carolina against a conference of Catholic Bishops who denied a lesbian couple an opportunity to serve as foster parents for refugee children. Imagine this case in conjunction with the border crisis.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Incident at Dupont Circle during Pride caused more consternation than I had thought

The incident at Pride on Saturday at Dupont Circle was more disruptive than I had thought.
Charles Blow tells the amazing story of traveling to a hotel, having to walk with bags four blocks because of the crowd (streets blocked), and the incident occurred about as he arrived in his room. Shortly thereafter four young women knocked on his door and begged to be sheltered. 

We know there were no shots and this seems to be a private dispute, but I had no idea of the level of panic until I saw the footage on WJLA,   It is also not very expected to have to shelter someone in a hotel when traveling in a US city, or to have to step up to it. 

Pence was interviewed by NBC and said that only a US flag should be shown at embassies.   There was particular concern about Brazil, with right wing president Bolsonaro.
The Hill reports that Milo Yiannopoulos was named grand marshall for “straight pride” in Boston after Brad Pitt backed out.   A few sites took the opportunity to smear Milo again, with so many pejoratives and claims that just aren’t true.

NBCWashington reports that a Pride flag was flown at Montgomery County HQ in Rockville, but it replaced a POW veteran's flag, which should now have been removed. Another ringlet will be added tomorrow.

Update: June 11

A newer Blade story shows that is really was a comedy of blunders.  The defendant was released.  He was protecting a (heterosexual) spouse from unwanted advances. Look at the chaos, sacrifice, and personal challenges it caused. 

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Capital Pride 2019 has a security issue at Dupont Circle station today

Capital Pride 2019:

I got there about 4 PM, and pretty soon I discovered a table with 3-minute chess on the northern side of Dupont Circle.  In one game, a strong player tried the Dutch Defense, which owns the “Stonewall Variation” which he didn’t play, and lost on time (after having a good position with Black).

This time the whistles made the march quite noisy.

When I traveled there, I took the Orange Line and changed at Metro Center, at around 4 PM. I heard people say that Dupont Circle station was closed.

Later, around 7:30, was I went into the Whole Foods Market on P Street, I learned of stories of gun shots at Dupont Circle.  I saw tweets from Capital Pride. 

But soon I heard that this was a false report.

Ford Fischer, in the video above, reports that someone was arrested and a weapon was confiscated but no shots were fired.
I went to Trade after the parade finished, about 8 PM.

Update: The Washington Blade reports that the rest of the parade was canceled at 7:30 PM.  There seems to have been a personal altercation.  Of course, this was a four-hour parade.  It had completed at 14th st around 8 PM and bars started to open.

Update:  There was an ugly confrontation between a "fascist" and the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade in Detroit.  News reports coming in.  Here is a link to an Instagram post.  Ford Fischer reported this on Twitter early today. 

Friday, June 07, 2019

Israel-related controversy at DC Dyke's March tonight as Pride weekend begins

There was some controversy at the Washington DC Dyke March Friday evening June 7 as Pride weekend started, over the banning of Israel’s Star of David flags (as a kind of supremacist nationalism) but permission to fly Palestinian flags.

The JTA explained the controversy here. 
My own feeling would be that playing favorites among countries in a gay parade is inappropriate, even if I don’t personally like the idea of the West Bank settlements.
Picture: AGLA social in Arlington VA in Ballston tonight as Pride weekend starts.
Video from Ford Fischer, News2Share (see my main blog today).

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Trump maligns transgender troops while in Britain; Nationals Night Out has a pop-up gay bar

The Palm Center at UCSB has a rather disturbing story that the Trump administration has referred to transgenderism as a “deficiency” in living up to the expectation of birth gender, and that gender dysphoria is a “defect”. I can remember the use of the latter term during my stay at NIH in 1962. 
Trump drew criticism for mentioning the transgender military policy in his appearance on Good Morning Britain, surrounded by Baby Trump balloons for him out of sight.

Indeed, it is correct that transgender medical expenses are extremely small, microscopic compared to the rest of the military medical budget.

I visited the Nationals Night Out at Nationals Park Tuesday night as the Nats beat the White Sox, 9-5.  The “gay bar” was on the second level, behind the right center field stands. It was packed.  There was a larger proportion of very tall, athletic looking men, as if the Nats could solve their bullpen problems by recruiting there.  This was a very cis-male crowd, a long way from the drag show world.  There was not as large a percentage of PoC as is common on dance floors. I didn’t see anybody doing id-age check, although I saw people with wristbands.

The first pitch was thrown out by Barney Frank's husband.
The beers were in 16 ounce cans for $12.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Trump does recognize June 2019 as GLB Pride Month (but probably not the T); the Uproar (and Nellie's) are a short walk from the carcass of Town

Trump has possibly partially reversed himself by recognizing June 2019 as LGBTQ Pride Month, sort of. Buzzfeed News’s David Mack comments today. 

Trump seems to view gay men (particularly) much more favorably personally than transgender persons or lesbians, from all observations.  On “The Apprentice” he had sometimes acknowledged LGBT discrimination in the past when he had gay candidates (men, usually).

We all know about Trump's hostility to transgender in the military. 
Trump’s tweets were in this stream
Last night I visited the Uproar after going to a Gay Men’s Chorus event on U Street (Wordpress review soon). There seems to be a news dance floor on level 2 which did not open while I was there.
I passed by the “ruins” of Town Danceboutique as the shell of an apartment building goes up.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mainstream gay activists excluded trans people until about three years ago

And Evan Greer reports in Medium (through the Washington Post) that “Powerful gay rights groups excluded trans people for decades – leaving them vulnerable to Trump’s attack”  and the subtitle, “The LGBTQ community needs to grapple with its history of ignoring its most vulnerable members”.

It’s true, there wasn’t a lot attention to this until 2016, where the bathroom bills got attention alongside Donald Trump, particularly at times, I remember from newspaper headlines, about the time of Trump’s warmongering about the military and North Korea.  (And Trump mysteriously calmed down about the latter in 2018.)  Remember how Trump pronounces the "Q" in "LGBTQ" which he spells out very deliberately. 

At a personal level, gay men generally want other men to be such, as numerous YouTube videos about the gay male dating world make clear. 
A conservative female friend on Facebook posted this story about Target’s “promotions” (encouraging socially conservative boycotts).  and another one that “weak men are more likely to be socialists”.  Stands to reason. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Trump plays on the logical consistency problems of calling transgenderism a medical condition; Kenya sounds like Scalia

I’ve gotten multiple press releases from gay organizations on Trump’s proposed rollback of protection of insurance coverage for medical procedures (including surgery) often appropriate for transgender persons, asking me to join their protests.

I wish these organizations would send me URL’s to link to rather than asking me to reproduce their press releases. 

But here is a credible story in the New York Times by Abby Goodnough, et al, Saturday morning, about the rollback of Obama administration rules and of a recent red state lawsuit. 

The Blade also has stories, including another proposal that homeless shelters be allowed to turn away trans people (Chris Johnson).

As I reported, a Canadian psychiatrist named Blanchard had been suspended from Twitter for suggesting that transgenderism is an illness (later revoked).  And his only motive was to support covering transgender procedures by insurance and sometimes federal benefits (maybe the military).

This is a problem of having it both ways.  In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association eliminated a finding of homosexuality as an “illness”.  That was viewed as political.  It is such, inasmuch as we don’t regard having your own children as an important or essential function. That makes sense in modern, advanced, liberal democratic society. But it used to be very essential to have children to support farms or to support you when you got old, and the later problem is coming back as birthrates among richer people decline and life spans increase.  There are also imbalances in the workplace in order to have paid family leave (if we decide, like other countries), to require it.  The 1973 decision has been followed by the discreting of conversion therapy and outlawing of parental attempts to compel it (thankfully) but again you want the science to match politics and you don't want inconvenient truths. 
Many social conservatives view trans kids as not wanting to do what is expected to them and taking part in the family according to gender.  That was a problem for me, even though I remained cis.
Generally, insurance benefits that are protected should follow what medical science says is a real issue, and there is plenty of evidence that transgenderism has a biological bases (as does cis homosexuality, which has a different mechanism).  Society as a whole probably benefits from this diversity (partly managing population size by family and providing extra support), but it becomes enormously politicized.

There will be a parallel issue for covering PrEP for active gay men (cis) and even possibly modern protease inhibitor treatment for those exposed to HIV, over the behavior question.

In another matter, Kenya’s high court upheld a homosexual sodomy law on the theory that it would lead to gay marriage, which is what Justice Scalia tried to argue in his dissent in Lawrence v Texas in 2003. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Twitter bans psychiatrist for calling transgenderism a medical condition, so that surgery can be covered by insurance (utilitarian argument)

Twitter locked the account of a Canadian psychiatrist Ray Blanchard for calling transgenderism a mental illness, when it is listed as such in the DSM-5 (story).

The reason for the listing is that it requires surgery to correct, when taken literally. The practical motive for calling it an interest is generous, to enable insurance and sometimes public tax funded coverage of surgery and other treatment – moral “deep pragmatism” if utilitarian.
Twitter later reversed itself and restored the account. The surgery necessity argument had been covered in a book "Why Gender Matters" by Leonard Sax, review.

Blanchard has a Federalist article where he says "radical trans activists" silence the science, and are at odds with mainstream, politically moderate (and often economically conservative) parts of the (cis male and more establishment-oriented) gay community, who are not radical enough and must now be shunned. 

Here is Blanchard's technical thread

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

James Finn answers question on Equality Act and Women's Sports

James Finn has a provocative article on Medium today, “We don’t need the LGBT equality act: My gay friend Gerald and Log Cabin Republicans sat so”, link.

Finn presents the idea that indeed white cis male gay men (especially if they have money or good bods) don’t need it, but what about everybody else?  It’s the argument about non-conditional privilege.

I asked a question about the conservative criticisms on the women’s sports issue, and he gave a good reply.


“What about the issues for (cis) women? How is the women’s sports issue to be covered? I think it could be, but activists were not willing to discuss it. So conservatives claim that transgender women will compete with biological women unfairly.


“I think that athletic leagues that are setting limits on serum testosterone levels have already headed down the right path. And such regulations don’t run afoul of any of the language in the Equality Act.
“This is an issue we have to address head on anyway, because even without the Act, federal Title 9 regulations already ban sex discrimination in college sports.
“Contrary to the alarmism if the Act’s opponents, Title 9 has not eliminated women’s sports programs.
“It’s quite possible to regulate sports programs while allowing trans women to compete fairly.”

Monday, May 20, 2019

Washington Blade journalist banned from Cuba as part of political fallout from Trump, Venezuela, etc, as well as evangelicals

Cuba has banned Washington Blade gay journalist Michael Lavers, shortly after he tried to enter the country.  Nico Lang reports here.
Furthermore several people were arrested for attempting to march in a Pride parade.

The reasons appear to be political.  Cuba now feels rebuffed because the Trump administration’s “complicity” with replacing a communist (probably illegal) Maduro government in Venezuela.

Furthermore, given the influence of the Russian 2013 antigay propaganda law, the reactionary governments think they can make the US look bad over more liberal policies on gay people, although Cuba had recognized gay marriage.  Also, a small pseudo-evangelical movement in Cuba, as in poorer African countries, is very detrimental.

The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC had sent a group to Havana in early 2018 for a week. 

Whatever the politics, the sports gay bars in DC are getting rather preppie and masculine again.  There's also some evidence of political centrism, a retreat from the ideological extremes of both sides. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Outserve-SLDN merges with miltiary partners to form a new organization for LGBTQ in the US military; Equality Act passes House

OutServe-SLDN and the American Military Partner Association, have merged to form one organization called the Modern Military Association of America. Chris Johnson reports for the Washington Blade. 

The groups held a gala in Washington on May 11. 

I was very active communicating with SLDN in the earlier days of DADT, into the early 2000’s.  There were annual dinners every October and then that moved to March. The focus has changed mainly to transgender in recent years (and Trump's partial "ban"). 

The other big public resource would be the Palm Center in California at UC Santa Barbara, which I visited in February 2002.
It is worthy of note that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan had been a dean at Harvard during the controversy over military recruiters on campus, during “don’t ask don’t tell”.  Mark Zuckerberg was a freshman (starting in fall 2002) and would have known about the controversy (he might even have found me online), 2010 story

Also, the House passed the Equality Bill today.  Future in Senate not so good.  While German Lopez gives a complete run down on the problems in various states as to various sub-issues for Vox, he still covers it in terms of identity groups and peoples and doesn't look at some of the real problems (the bill could sometimes compromise women's equality in other areas).  The women's sports problems (and some other issues with security in schools) can be resolved, but the gay lobby wants blind obedience from its followers and less attention to detail. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Washington Blade journalist captures life for Venezuelans in Colombia

Washington Blade (and Los Angeles Blade) reporter Michael Lavers made a video of Venezuelans buying food in Cucuta, Colombia, near the Venezuelan border.

He also has a picture on Twitter here.

Lavers was recently denied entry into Cuba, where LGBT Pride was cancelled, for political reasons supposedly related to Trump’s support of a “new” government in Venezuela (legally, Trump is probably right on this one, but I won’t get into it here;  Ford Fischer of News2share has been covering the standoff at the embassy in Washington, and I’ve been there twice.)
Lavers has also reported on patients with HIV in Venezuela.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about identity politics and "crisis in belonging" at HRC Dinner in Las Vegas

Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke at the HRC Dinner in Las Vegas.

Early in the talk, he talks about coming out at age 33 (four years ago) after being deployed to Afghanistan and realizing “you only get to be one person in a lifetime.”  From my sci-fi perspective, that could be challenged. He does talk about the progress in repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” and gay marriage.
He talks about identity politics at 19:30, with some nuance.

He talks about a “crisis in belonging” in this country (at 21:00), as in Martin Fowler’s book (Aug. 27 2014, Book reviews).

He criticizes the extreme SJW’s as inadvertently causing exclusion.  Intersectionality backfires.  What if a trans person of color is also a displaced auto worker, he asks.

What if Chris Hughes (who wants to break up Facebook and says Mark Zuckerberg has too much power) runs for president?  The more the merrier.  And when Laura Ingraham attacks someone, he only gets stronger. She learned the hard way with David Hogg.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Strict LGBTQ equality laws won't stop charities from delivering services

Here’s a useful Medium article by James Finn, “A Paradigm Shift in LGBTQ Equality Thinking: Good Will and Love Are Not Enough”.
No argument that people should not refuse charitable work or service that they would normally of done just because the clients (or their parents) are LGBTQ.

But he wants the equality laws passed, and he wants more people to demand it.

True, charities don’t go away when they are subject to the laws (although a few Catholic adoption agencies have closed).
The only question is, are the laws carefully worked out enough not to cause unintended consequences, for women? 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

David Rubin Report interviews black gay conservative who survived "don't ask don't tell" when in the Army a decade ago

Okay, there comes a time to make note of the video channel “Rubin Report” with David Rubin, 42.
David  came out publicly as gay on 2006.  His channel introduction emphasizes individualism and the idea of doing your own thinking, which he thinks the Left is destroying. 

Here he interviews black, gay conservative veteran Rob Smith, who reports his involvement with repealing don’t ask don’t tell before 2010.

The video takes up the ironies of identity politics, which Smith admits is unavoidable.  He is from Akron Ohio and did not grow up privileged.  (There is a Bel Air Ohio nearby – my own father often worked there.)

Smith talks about life in the military under DADT.  I’ve been to the bar in Colorado Springs that he mentions.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Baltimore film festival, and a chance to check up on the bars there, said to be in trouble

On a trip to Baltimore today for the Maryland Film Festival, I walked by the Grand Central bar, whose building has been sold.

There is still a sign that says when it opens and it has a pride flag, and there is a TWIMC notice, of an architectural meeting May 14.  It seems as if there are some efforts to preserve not just the historic structure but possibly the use of the lower floor for restaurant or bar or disco.

I also visited the Baltimore Eagle, north of Rt 1 and the Parkway on Charles Street, and found it had re-opened April 19.  No sign of previous culture wars.  Maybe somebody pays attention to Tim Pool now. I had a soft drink (had to drive home to DC) and a pizza.

You can see Eduardo Sanchez Ubanell discuss upscale non-political manscaping for cis gay males, from the viewpoint of “manliness”, as per Harvey Mansfield.  Is Eduardo the gay Jordan Peterson?  Fix your own life first. 

I’ll be covering the films tomorrow.

Marty Chernoff, owner of Tracks 1984-1999 in Washington, passes away at 76. Blade story

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Testimony about discrimination against older LGBTQ adults in taxpayer supported housing in DC

The District of Columbia Committee on Housing and Revitalization takes testimony in February 2019 on discrimination against older LGBTQ adults in tax-payer supported housing (Section 8?)

The example that Jordan Davis cites involves a transgender woman on a floor with men.  This sounded like he was talking about dormitory-style or shelter housing?

There are many reports of problems in assisted living centers.  At 75, I've been able to stay away from them.  Stay out of the hospital. 
This was shared on Facebook this morning by the DC Center.  

Friday, May 03, 2019

Antiretroviral therapy prevents transmission of HIV if virus is undetectable

AOL News reports a study of gay male couples, where one has HIV and takes anti-retroviral therapy to reduce viral load to undetectable levels.

The other partner does not get infected even apparently with unprotected sex.

It would be important to know if this protects a pregnant woman from passing the virus to a child.
There have been questions about tattooing, if some places haven’t always changed needles.
Body tattooing is commonly seen in gay soft core videos, but fortunately probably not as commonly seen in real world gay bars as in the street population as a whole.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

No, I can't just take orders from non-profits to "take action" to pass the Equality Act

It’s May Day, all right.  I got a personalized-looking email from HRC asking me to call my Congress-person to support the Equality Act, without question.

It’s very hard for me to play ball with any advocacy orgs today and “tale action” when they say so, even as HRC (as is EFF) are beneficiaries in my trust(s).

There are some problems with overreach in the Equality Act as to how the trans provisions affect cis women, particularly in women’s sports.   While I follow chess and baseball (women and LGBTQ play chess) and sometimes the NFL and NHL, as a concept women’s sports seems essential to our culture.

I know Breitbart is a right-wing site (Milo, etc) but it makes a cogent argument about the possible corruption of intended competitive balance that male-female trans women (after complete surgery) could create, even though the probabilities of such seem to be low.  
Breitbart refers to a Washington Post op-ed by Martina Navritilova et al arguing to keep Title XI and amend the act accordingly    Martina, remember, is a well-known lesbian tennis champion who at one time was quite vocal about allowing gays and lesbians in the military (pre DADT).
Some proponents of the Equality act seem to want to trade women’s rights and well-being with transgender or fluid well-being, as if that were a more important (intersectional) goal.

HRC’s site doesn’t seem to address these concerns.  Indeed, watch the embedded YouTube video from a trans woman from Nevada. 
But the problem is that activist organizations need their troops and people to play ball with them and take orders without questioning everything.  I’ve never been OK with that.  This is becoming a bigger problem all the time.  Soon I’ll be discussing this in connection with changes at Facebook.
We can go the other way on the trans in sports issue.  Major League Baseball has gone out of its way to announce non-discrimination and most teams host LGBT nights.  Yet there have been few out baseball players.  While statistically unlikely, it is possible that a female-male trans person would be competitive, especially as a pitcher (relief).  The market would rule;  a team would want such a person if he could perform.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

LDS student comes out giving valedictory address at BYU; a note on social age segregation

A graduating student, Matty Easton, from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah announced that he is gay in a valedictorian statement.  The story on CNN is here

The BYU “honor code” does not consider homosexual status as violation as it is a state of mind, but the “law of chastity” considers intimacy motivated by homosexual attraction a violation. 

In Washngton, Metro Weekly reports that an afternoon-long event for young adults (not sure of the range) will take place on Dupont Circle Saturday May 4.  Age segregation seems to happen with some LGBT events, and go back to 2000 or so in Minneapolis with the talk groups from Pride Alive.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Trump administration will roll back Obama rules protecting transgender access to transition coverage

The Trump administration is about to roll back Obama rules that allowed insurance companies to deny coverage for transgender transition treatment, possibly even for persons in but not completed with transition, according to The Hill. Less certain in the future is what could happen with coverage for PrEP. 

This development follows the partial transgender military ban that started April 12.

Trump (despite his own foppish appearance) seems to have an issue with the idea of debasing male sanctity. What about the hazing ceremonies of the distant past?

Update: April 26

Charlie Gers (Libertarian, at the University of Minnesota) offers an op-ed on Trump's transgender ban in Counter-Punch. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"Body fascism" still gets talked about on Twitter; does it contribute to eventual political fascism?

OK, once in a while we have to talk about “body fascism” in conjunction with gay male values – which the Left is already trying to dismantle vigorously.

David Hogg wrote an odd tweet about what makes you ugly – “not voting” and then listed all the “non-desirable” physical features that he says don’t, just to bring the subject up.

I can relate to this personally;  I was already “past peak” when I came out at 29.  The summer solstice is supposed to be at about 25.  Then the days are getting shorter.

Hog also responded to a BLM activist, apparently on a deleted tweet about the harm drug laws do to African-Americans (true), but that activist’s twitter stream is demanding of white people not to just sit back and pretend it is OK to remain neutral and follow your own agenda.

Umair Haque has a piece about the far right that presents a most uncomplementary picture of Donald Trump's bod. Hairlessness? 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Supreme Court will hear case on interpretation of federal civil rights law on LGBT persons; one case involves a skydiving instructor

The Supreme Court will hear challenges to Trump’s interpretation of federal civil rights law that it applies only to biological birth gender and not to sexual orientation and gender identity.
The Washington Blade has a story today by Chris Johnson 
Two of the cases (Zarda v. Altitude Express and Bostock v. Clayton County) are about sexual orientation, and Harris Funeral Homes deals with gender identity.
It is not probable that there would be a ruling until 2020.
Zarda’s case involves a skydiving instructor who has passed away but his estate continued the suit. I do know a gay skydiver who wants to become an instructor.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What about gay male MGTOW's?

For Easter Sunday, I’ll offer up Economic Invincibility’s short video “My View of Gay MGTOW’s”.

Martin is definitely straight and usually talks about how men should relate to women (and work, and the economy, etc).  MGTOW means “men going their own way”.  It could mean, eschewing relationships for a while, and proving yourself in life first.  That used to be viewed as a good thing.  Maybe not as much anymore.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Gay press still avoids Chelsea Manning?

I was a Freddie’s in Arlington for Easter Saturday brunch, and in the course of conversation I brought up News2Share’s coverage of the widespread protests of so many issues connected to Trump, and especially Chelsea Manning’s continued jailing for refusing to testify for to a secret grand jury (another article).

I think it’s well for the folks at the Washington Blade and other gay press, the HRC and the activists to look at Electronic Frontier Foundation’s writeup by Cindy Cohn on why the Assange arrest and probably extradition and prosecution for “hacking” should matter. 

It seems now that some cis straight men have done more for Chelsea than the LGBT community.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Trans culture v. cis culture, and the myths about gold stars

There are a couple of provocative Medium essays this Friday morning on gender identity.
What caught my eye at first was “Trans Culture will changethe world” by Rachel Anne Williams. 
But then “Cursed E” continues with a blog post “Is “cis” offensive?  I hope not, because I use the term all the time. The TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) seems to have this rule.  Heaven forbit if it gets viewed as a slur by all the social media platforms.
So we go to the cis world of Andrew Neighbors (Andrew Goes Places) and Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell, “How gay are you?”

At 7:45 the question comes up, “Do you have a gold star?”  My assumption had been that if you were sufficiently physically competitive as a male, you probably would have one.  But not necessarily so, according to this video.  This actually matters as a theme in my own novel. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

When gay bars lose leases to developers, here is what happens

Justin Fox of Bloomberg Businessweek explains the popularity of mid-rise “stick” (wooden interior) mid-rise apartments in suburbs and in some trendy neighborhoods. 

I think this matters for the LGBT community because there have been so many bar closings (like Town) when property is bought for apartment construction.  In the U-street area of Washington, this particular style of new apartment construction seems popular.

You need to have discos in buildings with 7-day use, for retail, office, and perhaps theater (both stage and indie movie showings) space with maybe a dance floor at the top. Maybe a parking garage, too. 
HRC owns its own building and takes 8 floors, I think. It’s amazing how much office space a major non-profit can use.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Pete Buttigieg formally announces run for Democratic nomination, as youngest ever and first openly gay candidate

Here are Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s comments form the LGBT Victory Fund Brunch on April 7.

Buttigieg formally announced his candidacy for presidency in South Bend, IN, on CNN, story, today.  I thought this had already been done.

By Cntrlaltdel33t - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Friday, April 12, 2019

Hunter Avallone's videos on LGBT issues sound like ordinary libertarianism to me but are still the target of SJW's; far left SJW cause Edmonton pride 2019 to be cancelled

Hunter Avallone got surprise attention Monday, April 8 when his channel on YouTube was suddenly hut down for no reason, with no community standards strikes, for “hate speech”, one day before the House hearings on content moderation.

I checked a few of his videos.

He has a few, going back to 2017, where he makes fun of the most extreme demands of the LGBT Left and SJW’s.

Here’s a recent one, “LGBT Insanity”.

There’s an earlier one, in 2017, “Dear Gay People”. In one video he attends Washington DC gay pride and interviews people around Dupont Circle. 
The most recent one is mainly about misgendering pronouns and the forced promotion of fluidity. (He has another video, “The Are Only Two Genders”).  Sometimes Hunter allows rainbow colors on his computer screen.

None of this is “hate speech” in the usual sense of the concept familiar from the past.

However, many elements of the far Left have become extremely combative, claiming that all speech critical of members of their community must be shut down, out of fear of inciting attacks.  There is also a fear of rollback of all political progress and a theory that everyone must join up in solidarity to stop it. This has become coercion from the far Left.

The combativeness of the far Left in some ways, ironically (despite Pulse) resembles the combativeness of radical Islam, or of fringes on the extreme right.  It’s also true that an anti-gay group wants to hold a “make America straight again” forum in Orlando (poor taste).  Back in the late 1980s there was a “Straight Slate” in a Houston, TX election.  All very silly.

Videos like Hunter’s don’t disturb intact people who can take responsibility for their own lives (like following Jordan Peterson’s “Clean Your Room”) but they may seem harsh to people who have been put through some kinds of group oppression.
My own oppression (around 1961-1962) with my college expulsion, etc., wasn’t quite the same thing as how group oppression and intersectionality are presented today.  My own story has its own unsuaul message.


It gets worse.  Edmonton, AL (Canada) canceled Pride 2019 over disruption from the extreme Left!  Tim Pool reports.   Medium has an essay by Daryl Bruce. One of the comments says that well-off gays have gotten lazy and need to get political and march again.