Monday, December 30, 2019

Cis gay men probably relieved to find claims that vegan food makes "soy boys" debunked

Daniel Villarreal of LGBTQ nation reports a story in an obscure South Dakota rag that eating vegan burgers will make you a soy boy.  Supposedly it contains a lot of estrogens.   Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell’s YouTube channelO sells joke shirts of “soy boy” and “pink equality” messages, which Eduardp definitely is not.

One Million Moms has apparently been active against companies in all kinds of ways regarding LGBRQ indoctrination on commercial products, according to a link there.

I made a visit to Pitcher’s for the Christmas season in DC Saturday night.  The women tended to want to dance with everyone (and would test me).  The cis males, obviously athletic, tended to prefer each other on the floor.  There were some fluid people or non-binary.  They tended to prefer each other also.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

YouTube seems to find edgy lgbtq content not advertiser friendly, although cis-male gay content seems to do OK

In a series of tweets concerning his YouTube’s recent fake remonetization of his News2Share channel, Ford Fischer notes that YouTube evaluates his video of the Sept. 28, 2019 Trans Equality March is unsuitable for advertisers (or at least most advertisers).

There have been other scattered reports of demonetzing or age-gating LGBTQ content, as on the Verge in 2018.  
The whole affair with Steven Crowder and Carlos Maza (it blew up in June 2019) has been subject to different interpretations, with Maza saying YouTube tolerated the gay-baiting too long, and complaining that YouTube’s business model was predicated on clickbaiting hate.  YouTube has tried to cover over this problem my adding a “stochastic anti-harassment” policy to its terms of service recently, itself vague and drawing criticism.

The actual video had been shown here on a post Sept. 28, 2019.

My own personal preference is for "cis male" gay video.  More conventional gay couple and gay dating or coming out story channels seem to do OK in the YouTube partner program (Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell is typical of this culture.).  There is definitely a schism in gay consumers, especially men, between the more conventional "male" establishment values (sort of Buttigieg-like, which the more radical Left now sees as "conservative", even "oppressive"), counter-culturism (tattoos are common in soft-core, and then trans and fluidity, where the personal values are seen as challenging to many viewers.  
I was in Minneapolis that day, and had my own “mission”, so to speak.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Indonesian school tries to weed out gay teachers with personality tests

Richard C. Paddock and Muktita Suhartono write in the New York Times today about flagrant and intentional discrimination against LGBT persons, at least in assessing potential teachers in Indonesia’s international school (at least foreign teachers). 
Job applicants were asked agree-disagree questions trying to determine sexual preference, items that seemed to be crude clones of MMPI (Minnesota multiphase personality test). 
Homosexual acts are not illegal in Indonesia (except in Aceh, heavily damaged by the 2004 tsunami) but recent proposals have been floated to make them so.

And there seems to be an idea, as in Russia, that young people will be influenced to “choose” homosexuality and then not give their parents grandchildren. Indonesia’s forms of Islam are more tolerant than the Middle East but there is still a serious problem.

It is true that people in almost any heavily socialized religious community of any faith tend to connect their own marital sexual interest to the idea that others conform to their beliefs.

Recently, Dec 12, I reported on the International issues blog developments with Singapore’s sodomy law.

Companies sending people overseas (and non-profit volunteers) in conservative countries need to deal with this. 
In my mind, there is a bug difference between freedom for adults to enter into intimate relationships, and making an identarian issue over pronouns for youth or providing body changing treatment without parental consent (previous post). 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Some transgender teens (even quite young) seem to getting medical treatment through school systems without parental consent (?)

Jay Keck has a piece in USA Today on Aug 12, 2019 regarding the widespread practice in high schools and even middle schools to acknowledge a trans or fluid students pronouns without parental consultation, some schools saying they are following (blue) state laws or Obama administration past policies, story here
A (conservative, admittedly) female Facebook friend reported recently that hormone treatments were being given to ages as young as 14 without parental consent.

Some teenage boys overcome learning issues (like dyslexia) at puberty and sometimes attitudes change with normal puberty. Not always.  But that’s a good reason nothing like this should be done without full medical supervision and parental consent (foster parents would raise a good question).
I’ve had submissions sent to me for my Wordpress website from a physician who says this should not be done below age 16 and without parental consent up to 18.
I have passed these comments on in Facebook, and risked outrage.  I hope I’m not banned over what sounds like common sense.
Update: Jan 24
LGBTQ Nation has a pretty disturbing story about puberty blockers, claiming they block suicidal thoughts.  This story sounds pretty far out to me. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Pulse Museum; a lawsuit over misgendering at work; how gay porn is changing business models

Three quick stories:

First, the New York Times reports on the plans for a large memorial at the site of the Pulse shooting attack in June 2016.  There is controversy over whether a large museum is appropriate (but it was done for 9/11 and OKC).  I would have very mixed feelings about this.  I visited Pulse myself in mid July 2015 on a trip to Florida.  I think actor Reid Ewing said he had been there two weeks before the attack.

Second, a former contractor for Nike who was born female is suing saying she was misgendered at work (Wweek story, shared by Andy Ngo on Twitter).

Third, vlogger Michael Rizzi has a major video (15 min), “These Amateur Creators Are Changing Gay Porn”.

This is a relatively scholarly video.  Rizzi explains that porn actors are making their own videos and self-distributing them on their own sites (I wonder if cryptocurrency comes into play) rather than work for a “studio” that keeps them indentured.  Rizzi calls this “NSFW”, or “not safe for work” but it could be called “NSFYT”, or not safe for YouTube.
The second half of the video presents the story of a homeless video producer who says he was bankrupted by student loans and now lives out of his car and makes his own porn for a living.
Rizzi would do well to consider the effect of FOSTA on sex workers, but the impact is largely on the trans and PoC communities.

Actually. there is a fourth story. Lambda Legal reports that a federal court has ordered the Pentagon to turn over the documents justifying Trump's partial transgender military ban. 

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hallmark gets caught in SJW v. right-wing wars; are cis people supposed to announce their own pronouns to make others more comfortable?

Ket Jercich, in the Washington Post, in an Outlook op-ed Sunday, maintains that on some college campuses and even some businesses it is customarily expected for everyone to announce their preferred pronouns when being introduced.  It would seem that unwillingness of cis people to participate (or making jokes on it) would put non-binary people on the spot when they do announce.

Also, the Hallmark channel is under backlash for pulling an showing a lesbian couple. CNN’s Clare Duffy reports.    Protests from “conservative groups” (“One Million Moms”) who didn’t want kids exposed to gay role models (we know, that make traditional weddings count less?)  Now the Left wants a boycott of Hallmark.  I used to watch some of its films 15 years ago (when I had time), and some advertisers are starting to pull out.  YouTube sees this all the time.  
There is also controversy over Hallmark’s reported willingness to show LGBT families in its movies.  In less specialized movie companies, this common and not controversial, but what can be controversial is casting diversity in general.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Gay fantasy material gets more problematic online than you think (Buttigieg, SJWs and more pronoun issues, social media censorship motivated by FOSTA)

There’s a potpourri of subversive and disturbing info today.

Well, it can bother someone else if he knows he is the object of your bedtime fantasies.

So Pete Buttigieg said today, when told Trump said that he (Trump) dreams about (running against) the potential openly gay Democratic opponent.

“I don’t know what goes on in this president’s dreams, but I’m sure I want absolutel nothing to do with them”, Twitter link. Maybe some kind of tribunal-like ritual affecting bodily sanctity.
It gets even more bizarre. A SJW activist wrote a manifesto demanding that everyone be referred to as “they” and that gender-specific pronouns be eliminated from English unless requested. You're going into subjunctive mood, kids (French is better with this verb conjugation style than English, but in French everything is gender-binary.)  Everybody is fluid.  All men should “be brave and shave” their bodies to become genderless (or to show solidarity, or to forfeit their individuality to their tribe.)

Tim Pool (Youtuber “Timcast”, laid up with laryngitis today) tweeted “calling me ‘they’ is misgendering and offensive.”
Recently, Instagram rejected an ad for PrEP as being too “political”, according to an LGBTQNation story.

The publication also notes Instagram banned a gay artist for one photo, and Tumblr (in December 2018) had banned all adult content, and the reason may be more multi-facted than you think. .
Facebook has banned certain sexual language in posts (like “top” or “bottom”). 
The Advocate reports that these tightenings seem to be the result of passing FOSTA in 2018. 

There may be a more subtle reason.  Bostwiki recently made a video noting that the free speech site “Gab” (popular with the extreme right) has banned porn (usually straight) because its payment processor insisted that it do so.  Banks look at porn as risky business (like the title of the 1983 Tom Cruise movie). 
YouTube still allows softcore gay videos, but many of them disappear quickly.  

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Mixed reports from liquor license hearing for new location for Town Danceboutique in Washington DC

Lou Chibbaro, Jr. reports in the Washington Blade on hearings before the DC Liquor Board about Town Danceboutique’s application for a liquor license for an old church building on North Capitol street NE, which would be renovated and heavily soundproofed before opening. 
There was talk about close proximity to a particular apartment building.
The location would be less than a mile from NOMA and the Union Market area.

The short film above is called "Last Night in Town". 
Town has a picture of the property on Twitter. 

Monday, December 09, 2019

Should I have been allowed to be "fluid"? I don't think I wanted that

In the process of editing my novel and screenplay (both), I’ve looked at my own background some more. And a line of reasoning considering fluidity has popped up.

I’ve discussed before how in my own youth I had dyspraxia (behind in coordination and physical development expected of males of my age).  In looking further, I also notice that the literature says that male erection and desire for heterosexual intercourse normally can occur fairly early, even before puberty, and normally maintains well almost into senior years.  It seems to be somewhat spontaneous, as if driven by a separate aspect of consciousness.

With me, this physiological reaction might happen with certain thoughts (about men) but didn’t happen in person until there was a particular incident at age 18 after graduating from high school.  The physiological reaction was connected to a cortical conscious idea about manliness and virtue, not separate.  I wanted to be affiliated with what was “better” than me. 

But today the reaction from the Left would be that I should have been allowed to be fluid.

Of course, in the early 1960s men were seen as malingering if they couldn’t protect women and children physically. 
The far Left today wants to eliminate the opportunity for people (even cis gay men) to even think this way about others.  But of course it’s not clear what then they will look for in romantic partners, for starters.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

AGLA Christmas event in Arlington, interesting awards and performers

I did attend a couple of AGLA (Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance) events, the first week monthly Friday social at the Westin in Boston, and the annual Christmas Party at the Hilton Garden Inn at Reagan airport.

Two Arlington County Board candidates spoke.

And two equality awards were presented, as explained here. Metro Weekly has a more detailed description of the awards here
One of the awards was for the founding of Safe Space NOVA, as linked in the Metro Weekly article.

There was an impressive showing by a drag queen and a leather entry, with multiple pictures and videos.
Food was spicy Asian hors d’oeuvres and desserts,

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Article about Buttigieg and empathy for minorities makes an incomplete reference to the history of "don't ask don't tell"

Colbert I. King has an op-ed in the Washington Post today, “What Pete Buttigieg was trying to say about empathy”. 
The piece gives some history of the origin of “don’t ask don’t tell” for gays in the military, and draws an analogy to Truman’s racial integration of the military in 1948.  As Colin Powell had pointed out in the mid 1990s (“My American Dream”) this is a somewhat incomplete comparison.  The gay issue was in some fundamental ways more sensitive, as  I have covered before.
The article, however, related particularly the story of Joe Steffan (not named) at the US Naval Academy in the 1980s, as covered in his book “Honor Bound”, a very important reference in my first DADT book in 1997.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Argentina experiences pressure to change Spanish grammar as to pronouns; right-wing conservative judge makes no apologies for psychological sanctity

Samantha Schmidt has a detailed article in the Washington Post about the effort of teenagers in Argentina to change the grammar of Spanish there do allow non-binary gender. 
I can remember being told almost the first day of ninth grade French Class in “junior high school” in 1957, that in French everything is either masculine or feminine, nothing is neuter.

That’s generally true in Romance Latin-based languages.  But Spanish has a quirk making this a little easier by not requiring pronouns in sentences, but allowing the conjugated verb to embed the pronoun. Still, this sounds like it could cause verb conjugation issues. 
German has neuter, but it is hard to imagine people wanting to be referred to with neuter pronouns.
In English, “they” as singular (but conjugated as plural) is correct when gender is unknown; “it” refers to an inanimate object. Even animals are referred to with gender pronouns when known.
I wonder if David Pakman (who was born in Argentina but came to the US as a child) will mention this on his show.

Transgender is not the same thing as non-binary (or gender fluid).  My impression is that non-binary people don’t like the idea that others will judge them personally by appearance as to whether they seem competitive within their gender (as to dating and relationships), because they are simply at a competitive disadvantage personally.  I outflanked this problem personally with “upward affiliation” which makes the gender pattern of a perspective intimate other significant, and its possible desecration an issue.  
 Social scientists call this idea “sanctity.”

Huffpost has a story by Jennifer Bendery about the confirmation of extreme right wing judge Sarah Pitwyk in Missouri, who opposes not only surrogacy (for gay parents), but even in vitro fertilization for heterosexual married couples.   She sees any birth that didn’t result from normal sexual intercourse as an affront to mothers – again this is a “sanctity” problem, where the notion that others deviate from the expected competitive norms undermines the emotional interest “normal” people have in their own married family life.
The Left, of course, doesn’t like to hear this restated, because it keeps the idea in circulation for some people on the right to chew on.

Wikipedia attribution: 
By Deensel - Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, CC BY 2.0, Link

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Toktok suppresses some LGBTQ content to prevent harassment; more criticism of treating transgender kids early

TikTok has apparently shadowbanned or suppressed videos by marginalized people, including some elements of LGBTQ, to protect them from being bullied online.

Pool says this is an example of a “desire path”. The company, originating from China, simply is taking a pragmatic way to avoid bad press in front of advertisers.
Madeleine Kearnes has several articles in National Review critical of transgender or non-binary extremism, such as this one. She reports much larger numbers than I would have suspected of young children being identified and treated.  (She also discusses de-transitioning in another article.)  Except in uncommon cases with rather narrow medical issues as fully accepted by the medical community, this should not be done without parental consent below age 18, and probably not at all below 16. 

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Pence inverts logic as he tries to defend religious adoption agencies turning away gay adoptive parents

Mike Pence has been quibbling on words, claiming that Obama-administration rules had caused faith-based adoption agencies to close, denying foster children a supposed abundance of heterosexual Christian families to adopt them.  Some Catholic agencies in some states have indeed closed.
Or discrimination against same-sex parents by some faith-based agencies may reduce the chance that some foster children get adopted at all.  Foster children who are never adopted tend to turn out much less well off as adults.

LGBTQNation has a relevant story Nov. 13 here
Such policies have a major bearing on whether some LGBTQ individuals (or, frankly, some incels, for that matter) can “step up” and become parents. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Milo tells Jordan what really happened in early 2017 with the SJW's -- and with the right, too

Milo Yiannopoulos and Jordan Peterson discuss the vengefulness of social justice warriors who want others to share their hurt.

Milo says he understands where the SJW’s are coming from and that he should be one of them. They resent him because he deserted them.

But the right also felt betrayed. 

Being a victim is nothing to brag about.

Milo was called a “dangerous person” by Facebook.  Milo talks about early 2017 and what was so "unforgivable". Some of this has to do with age cherry-picking, not really about minors per se.  Psychologically it still appeals to young adults too. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Rainbow and Trans pride flags in Wilton Manor, FL (excerpted)

David Hogg, from “AMarch4OurLives” tweeted a picture of the rainbow flag and the trans flag in the heart of Wilton Manor, FL, maybe 15 miles from Parkland, as apparently he’s back for Thanksgiving.

The picture is included in this link

The anti-trans PoC violence, in Washington DC at least, has been exacerbated by FOSTA.

I visited Wilton Manor in November 2017 (shortly after my move to a condo in northern VA) and had lunch with a friend at Rosie’s, and visited Hunter’s. The area is about 5 miles west of Fort Lauderdale beach.
Today, in Washington DC, the DC Center for LGBT Equality held its Thanksgiving pot luck at 2 PM.  Center Global was included but this time there was no actual round of personal introductions.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Glenn Greenwald says he is harassed by Brazil's government over his gay marriage and adopted children, because of his exposes of Bolsonaro

Glenn Greenwald has an important op-ed in the New York Times, Tuesday, November 26, 2019, “I was assaulted live on air. This is Bolsonaro’s Brazil.”  

Greenwald, who appeared with Laura Poitras in making a movie about Edward Snowden interviewing him directly a few years ago (“Citizenfour”) says that the Brazilian government has harassed him recently, sending family protective services to investigate whether he and his husband are fit adoptive parents “because both work”.

He also says the government is trying to get him deported.

The Washington Examiner has a good perspective on why Bolsonaro won. 

Greenwald has joined others in criticism of Bolsonaro’s recklessness with the Amazon and climate change. 
Wikipedia attribution link for photo of Greenwald with Poitras, CCSA 3.0 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Andy Ngo suspended from Twitter for gratuitous but apparently true tweet

Andy Ngo, the gay conservative journalist with family who lost everything to the Communists in VietNam, was temporarily suspended from Twitter for merely an unsympathetic but true tweet, in response to memorial tweets from Chelsea Clinton and HRC, as reported in “Postmellinial” (illustrated tweet)

Ngo tweeted that the US is a safe country generally for the trans population, even more so than cis (or cis gay people).  He also said that most perpetrators were black men (I think he meant of black or non-white victims). That is reported to be true if qualified.

Yet Twitter calls gratuitously restating an uncomfortable fact “hateful conduct”, as it seems presumed likely to emotionally offend some people in intersectional marginalized groups (the “coddling of the mind” issue). That would be like reporting that most HIV infections are still in homosexual men (although not as much so now as in the 1980s and not in Africa).

Many murders may result now as a fallout of #FOSTA, sending especially PoC sex workers and especially trans into street sex work instead of checking people online first.  This is well known to be the case in Washington DC around Logan Circle.
Ngo has built a reputation reporting on Antifa, when he was beaten once and put in the hospital.
David Pakman and Sargon of Akkad got into an online argument over Ngo.

Update:  "@MrAndyNgo" is active now,  He retweets a far Left tweet that claims that he provides "kill lists" to Atomwaffen, an accusation made against many conservative to even moderate YouTubers who question far Leftist ideology.  (The incident apparently took place Wed. Nov. 20.)

Picture is from High Heels Race in Washington DC 2019. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Gay rights grew up in Germany, pre-Nazi

On January 26, 2015, the New Yorker had offered an article by Alex Ross, “Berlin Story: How the Germans invented gay rights – more than a century ago”. 

Homosexuality started to attract attention of intellectuals during the French Revolution, and again in the not yet consolidated Germany in the 19th Century (although there was a “Paragraph 175” in 1871).

The article stresses the career of Magnus Hirscheld, who formed the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee in 1896.

Hitler is said to have opposed homosexuality when he started to organize in the 1920s (despite the book “The Hidden Hitler” (Lothar Machtan, 2001).

But Berlin was still imbibing gay life until right to the time Hitler took over, and the gay population probably didn’t see it coming.

Hirschfeld was fine with fluidity, drag, and feminism (sometimes these come into conflict), but part of German society saw homosexuality as a ritualistic step in developing manhood, to become more effective with women or as parents.  The Greeks had seen it that way often, and there is something about this that fits Nieztchean ideas.  “The Gay Science” however, was not about homosexuality.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo of Cologne pride with flags of 70 countries where homosexuality is illegal, CCSA 3.0, own photo work by CE Photo, UWE Aranas. This is a large image (7.84 MB)

Friday, November 22, 2019

Mayors Against LQBTQ Discrimination; controversial Indiana professor

Mayors Against LGBTQ Discrimination now have collected 350 mayors from all 50 states, according to the group’s own report

In Washington DC, Mayor Miriam Bowser reported this with a picture of a march down 17th St. 

Deanna Paul and Michael Brice-Saddler report on a controversial professor at Indiana University’s Business School, who argues against gender diversity in some employment areas, but has gone way beyond James Damore’s mathematical arguments to actually make aggressive and homophobic statements, claiming gays should be banned from teaching (what about the military)? 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Rick Sincere, founder of GLIL, has passed away (Bearing Drift in Charlottesville, VA)

Bearing Drift, in Charlottesville VA, reports the passing of journalist Rick Sincere, apparently late on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019, in his sleep. 
Rick was a founder of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty in the early 1990s.  GLIL was active in Washington DC and produced a periodic newsletter, The Quill, which I edited from 1995 until 1999 (I continued this after I moved to Minneapolis in September 1997 with a corporate job transfer). GLIL tended to meet once a month in a restaurant on 17th Street in Washington, often Trumpets for several years.
I believe he was two or three years younger than me (I am 76).
Rick was very active with the Libertarian Party of Virginia from the 1990s on, and I recall a couple of their major events, in Richmond in 1995 and in Manassas in 1996.
He produced a newsletter called the Daily Rick Sincere, and also papers specific to libertarian politics (such as Gary Johnson).  He often carried articles that I suggested, including a few of my own longer blog posts, especially about free speech issues.
He also recorded and broadcast frequent podcasts for Bearing Drift, and would cover two or three major public policy topics of general mainstream interest in each one with interviews.
No cause of death has been released, but the most common reason for sudden death during sleep is cardiac arrest related to under-diagnosed coronary artery disease. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Pink Pistols appears at conservative rally

Erin Palette, from the National Coordinator of Pink Pistols, spoke at the “Declaration of Restoration”

This was a conservative or right wing gathering near the White House.

But Erin is speaking that GLBTQ people should be able to defend themselves.
Pink Pistols was formed in the 1990s and was popular with Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty. I don't think PP would be at odds with reasonable tightening of gun regulations of they are really going to work.  

The footage comes from News2Share, which belongs to Ford Fischer.  You can visit his Twitter account for information on his issues with YouTube and monetization. Ford has spent a lot of effort reporting on Chelsea Manning's legal problems now. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Lawsuit concerning side effects of PrEP drug Truvalda

There is a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences, Ltd., for side effects experienced by some men from using Trivalda as pre-exposure PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis.  The Justice Lawyer has a link. 
My own general observation is that I don’t hear about HIV or complications often among higher-income gay men (although I am aware of maybe a couple of situations);  there are many problems in lower income people, especially PoC, in Washington, at least.
My overall impression is that, at least with higher income levels, men are much more cautious than they were in the late 70s and early 80s. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Safe shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth near Milwaukee

Brooke Sassman and Laura Spotteck report for the NBC Today show, a gay male couple in Wauwatosa, WI (a suburb of Milwaukee) have founded a home for homeless LQTBQ youth, raising money for the non-profit that they created called Courage MKE.

The article misstates one point: you can definitely be gay and be cisgender.

The home has room for five people and arranges counseling and group therapy and sometimes employment and school.

There are similar properties in Washington DC, like Casa Ruby.
I was in Milwaukee twice, in 1992 and 2000.  At the end of September I was in northern WI on the way to the upper Peninsula of MI, a trip I have talked about elsewhere.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

One daughter of a lesbian couple says she feels her family identity is fractured (Australia)

Here is some video from 2017 in Australia where a young woman raised by two lesbians and conceived by surrogacy gives her feelings in adulthood.

She says she needed a dad, and uncles and aunts to be part of her identity.  Yet a lot of what she says is “identarian” and “tribal”.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Some parents in Virginia exurb of DC object to LGBTQ books in school libraries

Samantha Schmidt reports in the Washington Post, Metro Section, “Angry parents protest LGBTQ books in classrooms”, Virginia section, here.
This pertains to Loudoun County VA, one county west, including Ashburn (location of all the major data centers and server farms), Leesburg (historic county seat) and farm country leading to the Blue Ridge.

It is one of the nation’s wealthiest, most of the population about 30 miles W of downtown Washington.

Proponents say that LGBTQ students (mainly older teens but sometimes younger children who may believe they are trans and whose parents happen to support them) get a chance to see people like them.

There were controversies twenty years ago with children’s books like “Heather Has Two Mommies.”
Conservative parents may cite religious freedom, but some of them fear that exposing their kids to LGBTQ literature could result in them not having their own grandchildren.  That’s pretty much the same argument Putin appealed to in 2013 in Russia.  And that’s a lot like what happened to me at William and Mary in 1961.
We don’t have Lambda Rising as a chain of gay bookstores like we did (the DC one closed at the end of 2009).  But like the community as a whole, the book output (like at Outwrite DC every August) and film output (Reel Affirmations) is quite diverse and even fractured.  Some of it is very group-centered and goes into mostly emotional appeal, and other times it seems very much into mainstream political science and ethics (like my own “Do Ask Do Tell” series which, although motivate by the debate on gays in the military before 2010, goes into all the other mainstream political problems orbiting around it).  In the mid 1990s there had been another attempt at such a series (2 books) that was much more like handbooks for the "non-elite". 

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Trump's "remain in Mexico" and "rapid asylum review" policies said to increase risk for LGBTQ asylum seekers; HHS conscience rule for health care workers vacated

Brody Levesque has a detailed article in the Los Angeles Blade today, “New Trump rule puts LGBTQ asylum seekers at greater risk. 

These involve the “Migrant Protection Protocols” , that is, “remain in Mexico”, and  “Rapid Asylum review at least in Texas.

The article argues that the persecution of LGBT persons (especially trans and probably PoC) exposes such asylum seekers to much greater risk than for many other migrants. The article is quite detailed as to specific hazards in many locations in Mexico.

But the only way this could be remedied in any practical sense is for Congress to allow DHS to set up Canadian-style sponsorship programs and encourage members of the LGBT community to step up and take migrants on as personal dependents.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  The 2020 election could change that.
A Federal judge in NYC has struck down the Trump administration’s “conscience rule” that allows heath care workers to turn down procedures (trans surgery) that violate their religious beliefs. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

When LGB doesn't mention the "T"; gay people do volunteer heavily for mainstream causes

Today’s post suddenly has a lot of feline territory to cover.
“Jammidodger” is a female-to-male trans man in the UK who looks more like a birth cis male than is probably common.  He says he is in a heterosexual relationship with a biological woman.  His channel has some material on the “LGB” movement in the UK where trans is deliberately excluded.
He says there is nothing wrong with cis gay people personally leaving the fight for trans rights to others if they are simply neutral.
But the LGB alliance, in the UK, he says, is definitely anti-trans.

He points out that in Britain it takes two years for a trans person to get an appointment with the National Health Service for an initial consultation.

He says the rate of detransitioning is about 0.3% in the UK.
Now, for Part 2 today, here’s an unrelated but notable story: In the US, the Human Rights Campaign made a six-figure “investment” (that’s a YouTube title word sometimes) in Virginia’s general assembly races  (Michael Lavers story in Blade in 2019). 
That may be a largely political strategy – simply putting more pressure on Trump indirectly for the 2020 elections.
I don’t get involved in fundraising, particularly for specific candidates, and there is a tendency for that to happen with volunteering for non-profits – although PAC’s are supposed to be formed and separated off (I remember how the Dallas Gay Alliance made a big deal of that in the 1980s).
I’ll come back to my own feelings about this in due course.  But I have been told if I were willing to “volunteer” again with them, I might be surprised by what I would find.
I wanted to note something about this indeed.  Recently I have been at some “protests”, for immigration (refugees), and for climate change, and for gun control reform.  I go there and “film”, I don’t protest myself – and that begs another philosophical and moral question I will have to take up again soon.  But one thing I have noticed.  Many of the people who attend these are “regular” people (and there were LGBT persons, including cis men, whom I recognized at every such event) who seem well-educated and well-behaved, and do NOT fit the idea of left-wing radicals or Antifa. 
Picture:  An “S4” sign in SW Washington near Waterfront Metro (that is “Station 4: American Bistro and Lounge) ;  no awareness of or connection to the S4 (Station 4) disco in Dallas on Cedar Springs, one of the largest in the US (yes, land costs less there).

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Public Health programs for LGBTQ needs in Indiana; major drag entertainer passes

A major public health school, Richard Fairbanks in Indianapolis has extended its LGBTQ+ IUPUI “Echo” programs for a second year, according to an announcement here, send to me as a press release
I have visited Indianapolis once in recent years, in Aug. 2012.

Also a well known drag queen in the upper south has passed away, as in an obituary Oct 15 for George Timothy Reed aka Carmella Marcella Garcia.  Again this news was passed to me by an agent.

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Arlington VA gay group holds social in renovated hotel lobby that remembles the decor of a space station (O'Neill Cylinder effect)

AGLA (Arlington Gay-Lesbian Alliance) held its first Friday social in a renovated hotel lobby and bar space in the Wynham in Arlington VA.

The hotel had renovated the space probably because the Ballston Quarter re-opened about a quarter mile away, so the hotel needed to generate attention. (I like the Punch Bowl Social on level 3.) 

The art work is on the ceiling as well as the walls, with a rail underneath the ceiling, simulating the effect of living inside a rotating space station (artificial gravity) or O’Neill Cylinder. The hotel could put a model train on the rail (a restaurant near the Avalon Theater in NW Washington DC does just that).  A really weird idea would be to make the rail look like a mobius strip. (A Koons Ford dealer in Falls Church, VA has a wall-art piece based on the Mobius strip.)

In November 2000, when I was living in Minneapolis, I visited Milwaukee over a weekend and found a gay bar with a d├ęcor theme based on UFO’s and aliens.  There is a restaurant chain in Bismarck, ND with an alien theme. 

Here is GoGayDC's Facebook page (website coming soon), with TJ Flavell. 

Friday, November 01, 2019

Halloween Party at Freddie's not deterred by "second-season" storms and tornado watches

Since I like games (having just blogged about the World Series) here’s a Bingo game at Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington VA from last April during Cherry week (shortly after Opening Day – which, by the way, will be March 26, 2020).  It is footage by GoGayDC.  (Sorry, News2Share, this is not a protest.)

Last night there was plenty of Karakoke an minimalist dancing in a late evening Halloween Party, which got going around 11 PM after the big storms had exited (with the tornado watch).

Costumes tended to be more natural, with less gender bending. 
Saturday night is clock-back night, the one night a year with an extra hour, after the costumes are over.

By the way, Town tells me that The Bullpen (next to Nats park) is across the street from where Tracks was and one block from where Velvet Nation was (until 2006), tweet.

Happy All Saints Day.

Note: My report on the High Heels Race in Washington Oct. 29 is here

Thursday, October 31, 2019

DC gay paper exaggerates stories that PS&G's diversity had something to do with California wildfires

Metro Weekly, the DC area’s “gay paper” (besides the Blade), ran an article today “Tucker Carlson and gay guest blame LGBTQ Equality for theCalifornia wildfires”.

Well, you can wonder about the prepositions in the title, but if you actually watch the video you (or I at least) get a different impression. From Tucker Carlson (who Carlos Maza accused of white supremacy) and David Rubin (whose libertarianism has sometimes been viewed as the fascism of neglect?)   

The Fox video title is indeed “Higher priority: diversity or working infrastructure?”  Carlson and Rubin seem to feel that PS&G was distracted from doing its job by excessive focus on intersectional quotas, going way beyond the anti-discrimination policies normally followed today by large corporate employers including electric utilities.

This could link back to some of my previous posts on power grid security.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Custody case in Dallas over transgender child stirs up right-wing talking points despite jury and judge's moderate stance and medical facts

EJ Dickson has a major story in the Rolling Stone about the custody case of Anne Georgulas and ex-husband Jeffrey Younger, and a recent ruling from a federal judge in Dallas maintaining joint custody of a seven-year old who self-identifies as (male-to-female) trans.  The judge was making a ruling following a jury’s finding.  The Rolling Stone article emphasizes the “right wing talking point.”   In fact, the child would not have had any physical treatment (hormone blocking, etc) until puberty, at least seven or more years from now.
CNN has a detailed story

But Karen Zraick, of the New York Times, also emphasized the right-wing social outcry.  There is a fear that normative standards of “masculinity” will be eroded, making sexuality itself less rewarding for people with conservative views.

Pink News UK had tweeted its story (which is how I learned about it), but the web page was so saturated with looping MacDonalds ads that I couldn’t get the entire news story to load (in Windows 10, at least).  This did behave like a website programming problem, not like malware. 
Although I presented one of them, I couldn’t find a YouTube video on this case that didn’t have a far right bias – contradicting the usual complaints against YouTube for suppressing conservatives. 
I'll note this NBC story of some parents raising their kids as "theybies". 

Monday, October 28, 2019

"Fear ping pong" can make blind dates pose existential bodily risks

I guess blind dates are dangerous.

Watch what happens pretty early with this game of “Fear ping pong.”

This game means taking real risks.  The "target" already wears a heart monitor pad as it starts. 
In my basement, when I was a kid, I had an 8 x 4 undersized ping pong table, which apparently wsd given away during my adulthood.  But it gave me “home field advantage”, at least when there was no World Series being played (like with the 1954 Cleveland Indians lost four straight to the New York Giants).  I could beat my baby sitters. 

I still have never found Minnesota screenwriter "Brent" 's film "I Hate Speed-dating." 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

World Series: Pitcher's bar in DC celebrates the National's road rout of the Astros, only to see the Nats lose at home for its Halloween party

I visited Pitcher’s late Saturday, for the “Halloween Party”, but also to see how they were handling the World Series.

The owner displayed some material about the Nationals’ 12-3 road win in Houston Wednesday night, but while I was there, the Astro’s were winning a second straight road victory in dominating fashion, 8-1.

The video bars upstairs are pretty “male” as are the decks;  there is a women’s bar downstairs, and the dance floor is more diverse and pretty mixed.
Halloween costumes are not as extreme or prevalent as they used to be at Town.  A few people had some temporary body art.
As for the World Series, it could still end with the Nats winning in seven games and with the road time or visiting team winning all seven games.  What happened to home-field advantage?
Max Scherzer was scratched from starting tonight because of a sudden reappearance of severe upper right side back spasms.    Joe Ross (who started a one-hit road shutout of the D-backs in August when I was at Pitcher’s) will start.

Friday, October 25, 2019

ABC Nightline airs new report of extra-legal police violence against gays in Chechnya; ICE deletes evidence of a transgender detainee's death

ABC Nightline has aired a blistering report on continued police brutality against LGBT persons in Chechnya, autonomous area (a sub "republic" on its own) in eastern Russia.

Amin, a young man who acts conventionally cis male and had worked as a hairdresser,  talks about being kidnapped by police and tortured until he “named names”.  Police tried to get his family to “take away his shame”.  Did this mean being killed, or proving he could cause a pregnancy?
ABC has direct links and a video transcript here.  This was aired at 12:30 AM Friday Oct 25 on ABC Nightline with the title “Am I Next?”

The interview with the "president" sounds like there is a fixation with what is "natural" -- that is, give them more population. 
No question, Putin's 2013 propaganda law made things worse, with its indirect appeal to low birth rate demographics. 
The video shows a tour of glitzy Grozny at night, a police state.
A lot of gays "migrate" to Moscow, where it is still not good. 

The second part of the video shows the ABC reporter implying he is gay.

I have to admit I could feel my blood pressure go up (and reach for my daily Losartan) as I watches this video from ABC when I got up this morning. I had not stayed up for it.

There is another very disturbing story this morning, that in the United States, ICE deleted a custody video of a transgender asylum-seeker who died in its custody, BuzzFeed News by Adolfo Flores. This happened in the middle of litigation against ICE, so it amounts to destroying evidence.

Wikipedia attribution for first picture: