Friday, January 04, 2019

Appeals court upholds Trump's partial transgender military ban, with respect to gender dysphoria

The Federal Circuit court of appeals for the District of Columbia allowed the Trump administration a partial “victory” today in allowing part of Trump’s attempted transgender ban to stand.

The Armed forces can remove  transgender soldiers who show (DSM manual defined) “gender dysphoria”, according to a Reuters story here.  The Court noted that this does not include all people who claim non-conformity. Mattis had included to implement this partial “ban”.
But not all transgender people suffer dysphoria, which is a surprising fact that most people don’t know. But the video above considers all the “fluid” categories (maybe created out of intersectionality, or maybe from the Rosenfels polarity theory) as “transgender”, which is not really very useful.   

Kristin Beck reports that the lower court  repeal of Trump's ban is still in effect however in most of the US (twitter link)

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