Thursday, January 03, 2019

Individualist gay icon makes the case for remaining MGTOW; LGTBQ in Congress today

Something a little lighter.

Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell explains “What I Don’t Have a Boyfriend”  The film has some cute facial de-recognition effects. 

Is Eduardo the gay version of “Economic Invincibility”, essentially taking on the topic of MGTOW? He has pretty much the same personality and demeanor.   
He says he is 24.  But in 2020, he could chose to beat Alexandria Octavia-Cortez to be the youngest in Congress (which seated 10 LGBTQ in the House today).  David Hogg will surely get there by 2026 if the country isn’t destroyed by an EMP from North Korea first. (Rumor: “EI” does want to run for office.)
 He seems to be a dedicated individualist, along the lines of some of YouTube’s “conservative” channels.  He certainly provides a counter-example against “intersectionality” on the Left. Stay away from Patreon. 

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