Tuesday, April 30, 2019

LDS student comes out giving valedictory address at BYU; a note on social age segregation

A graduating student, Matty Easton, from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah announced that he is gay in a valedictorian statement.  The story on CNN is here

The BYU “honor code” does not consider homosexual status as violation as it is a state of mind, but the “law of chastity” considers intimacy motivated by homosexual attraction a violation. 

In Washngton, Metro Weekly reports that an afternoon-long event for young adults (not sure of the range) will take place on Dupont Circle Saturday May 4.  Age segregation seems to happen with some LGBT events, and go back to 2000 or so in Minneapolis with the talk groups from Pride Alive.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Trump administration will roll back Obama rules protecting transgender access to transition coverage

The Trump administration is about to roll back Obama rules that allowed insurance companies to deny coverage for transgender transition treatment, possibly even for persons in but not completed with transition, according to The Hill. Less certain in the future is what could happen with coverage for PrEP. 

This development follows the partial transgender military ban that started April 12.

Trump (despite his own foppish appearance) seems to have an issue with the idea of debasing male sanctity. What about the hazing ceremonies of the distant past?

Update: April 26

Charlie Gers (Libertarian, at the University of Minnesota) offers an op-ed on Trump's transgender ban in Counter-Punch. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"Body fascism" still gets talked about on Twitter; does it contribute to eventual political fascism?

OK, once in a while we have to talk about “body fascism” in conjunction with gay male values – which the Left is already trying to dismantle vigorously.

David Hogg wrote an odd tweet about what makes you ugly – “not voting” and then listed all the “non-desirable” physical features that he says don’t, just to bring the subject up.

I can relate to this personally;  I was already “past peak” when I came out at 29.  The summer solstice is supposed to be at about 25.  Then the days are getting shorter.

Hog also responded to a BLM activist, apparently on a deleted tweet about the harm drug laws do to African-Americans (true), but that activist’s twitter stream is demanding of white people not to just sit back and pretend it is OK to remain neutral and follow your own agenda.

Umair Haque has a piece about the far right that presents a most uncomplementary picture of Donald Trump's bod. Hairlessness? 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Supreme Court will hear case on interpretation of federal civil rights law on LGBT persons; one case involves a skydiving instructor

The Supreme Court will hear challenges to Trump’s interpretation of federal civil rights law that it applies only to biological birth gender and not to sexual orientation and gender identity.
The Washington Blade has a story today by Chris Johnson 
Two of the cases (Zarda v. Altitude Express and Bostock v. Clayton County) are about sexual orientation, and Harris Funeral Homes deals with gender identity.
It is not probable that there would be a ruling until 2020.
Zarda’s case involves a skydiving instructor who has passed away but his estate continued the suit. I do know a gay skydiver who wants to become an instructor.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What about gay male MGTOW's?

For Easter Sunday, I’ll offer up Economic Invincibility’s short video “My View of Gay MGTOW’s”.

Martin is definitely straight and usually talks about how men should relate to women (and work, and the economy, etc).  MGTOW means “men going their own way”.  It could mean, eschewing relationships for a while, and proving yourself in life first.  That used to be viewed as a good thing.  Maybe not as much anymore.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Gay press still avoids Chelsea Manning?

I was a Freddie’s in Arlington for Easter Saturday brunch, and in the course of conversation I brought up News2Share’s coverage of the widespread protests of so many issues connected to Trump, and especially Chelsea Manning’s continued jailing for refusing to testify for to a secret grand jury (another article).

I think it’s well for the folks at the Washington Blade and other gay press, the HRC and the activists to look at Electronic Frontier Foundation’s writeup by Cindy Cohn on why the Assange arrest and probably extradition and prosecution for “hacking” should matter. 

It seems now that some cis straight men have done more for Chelsea than the LGBT community.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Trans culture v. cis culture, and the myths about gold stars

There are a couple of provocative Medium essays this Friday morning on gender identity.
What caught my eye at first was “Trans Culture will changethe world” by Rachel Anne Williams. 
But then “Cursed E” continues with a blog post “Is “cis” offensive?  I hope not, because I use the term all the time. The TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) seems to have this rule.  Heaven forbit if it gets viewed as a slur by all the social media platforms.
So we go to the cis world of Andrew Neighbors (Andrew Goes Places) and Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell, “How gay are you?”

At 7:45 the question comes up, “Do you have a gold star?”  My assumption had been that if you were sufficiently physically competitive as a male, you probably would have one.  But not necessarily so, according to this video.  This actually matters as a theme in my own novel. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

When gay bars lose leases to developers, here is what happens

Justin Fox of Bloomberg Businessweek explains the popularity of mid-rise “stick” (wooden interior) mid-rise apartments in suburbs and in some trendy neighborhoods. 

I think this matters for the LGBT community because there have been so many bar closings (like Town) when property is bought for apartment construction.  In the U-street area of Washington, this particular style of new apartment construction seems popular.

You need to have discos in buildings with 7-day use, for retail, office, and perhaps theater (both stage and indie movie showings) space with maybe a dance floor at the top. Maybe a parking garage, too. 
HRC owns its own building and takes 8 floors, I think. It’s amazing how much office space a major non-profit can use.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Pete Buttigieg formally announces run for Democratic nomination, as youngest ever and first openly gay candidate

Here are Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s comments form the LGBT Victory Fund Brunch on April 7.

Buttigieg formally announced his candidacy for presidency in South Bend, IN, on CNN, story, today.  I thought this had already been done.

By Cntrlaltdel33t - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Friday, April 12, 2019

Hunter Avallone's videos on LGBT issues sound like ordinary libertarianism to me but are still the target of SJW's; far left SJW cause Edmonton pride 2019 to be cancelled

Hunter Avallone got surprise attention Monday, April 8 when his channel on YouTube was suddenly hut down for no reason, with no community standards strikes, for “hate speech”, one day before the House hearings on content moderation.

I checked a few of his videos.

He has a few, going back to 2017, where he makes fun of the most extreme demands of the LGBT Left and SJW’s.

Here’s a recent one, “LGBT Insanity”.

There’s an earlier one, in 2017, “Dear Gay People”. In one video he attends Washington DC gay pride and interviews people around Dupont Circle. 
The most recent one is mainly about misgendering pronouns and the forced promotion of fluidity. (He has another video, “The Are Only Two Genders”).  Sometimes Hunter allows rainbow colors on his computer screen.

None of this is “hate speech” in the usual sense of the concept familiar from the past.

However, many elements of the far Left have become extremely combative, claiming that all speech critical of members of their community must be shut down, out of fear of inciting attacks.  There is also a fear of rollback of all political progress and a theory that everyone must join up in solidarity to stop it. This has become coercion from the far Left.

The combativeness of the far Left in some ways, ironically (despite Pulse) resembles the combativeness of radical Islam, or of fringes on the extreme right.  It’s also true that an anti-gay group wants to hold a “make America straight again” forum in Orlando (poor taste).  Back in the late 1980s there was a “Straight Slate” in a Houston, TX election.  All very silly.

Videos like Hunter’s don’t disturb intact people who can take responsibility for their own lives (like following Jordan Peterson’s “Clean Your Room”) but they may seem harsh to people who have been put through some kinds of group oppression.
My own oppression (around 1961-1962) with my college expulsion, etc., wasn’t quite the same thing as how group oppression and intersectionality are presented today.  My own story has its own unsuaul message.


It gets worse.  Edmonton, AL (Canada) canceled Pride 2019 over disruption from the extreme Left!  Tim Pool reports.   Medium has an essay by Daryl Bruce. One of the comments says that well-off gays have gotten lazy and need to get political and march again. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

When someone doesn't know a date is trans; Pope Benedict returns

Here’s a curious item on Medium, “When to disclose your trans status to a potential romantic partner”, by Phaylen Fairchild. 

OK, maybe this piece is good practical advice.

I link to it with no skin in the game as a 75 year old cis white gay male. But the question as to whether it is “morally wrong” to refuse to consider a trans person as a dating partner keeps coming up, yes, it really does.  “Economic Invincibility” did a piece on this on YouTube some time back (from a young adult straight male perspective) and said, “well, No” – and got detoured with discussion of body parts.

Now, here’s another corker. Chico Hall and Stefano Pitrelli have an odd story in the Washington Post today about past Pope Benedict’s comments about gays in the priesthood, and the development of “homosexual cliques” in seminaries in the 1960s. We all remember the way the Vatican talked about “objective disorder” back in the 1980s, out of a belief that personal motivational systems within the head really burst out and matter to others eventually.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Palm Center analyses the official transgender policy for the military, as a kind of "don't ask don't tell" for most transgender troops

The Palm Center at the University of California at Santa Barbara has issued a report, in a series “Blueprints for Public Policy”, titled “The Making of a Ban: How DTM-19-004 Works to Push Transgender People out of Military Service”.  

The policy, going into effect around April 12, is said to be a kind of “don’t ask don’t tell for transgender persons”.

Essentially, only those who function and perform in their biological gender and who do not admit to gender dysphoria may join. There is limited grandfathering of persons who have already gone through transition.

The DoD policy does say that it follows non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation per se (as with the repeal of the “other” DADT in 2011).
The Palm Center released the report with a press release today.

Monday, April 08, 2019

Poland's populism turns on LGBT as the new enemy as migrant issue recedes; Buttigieg's speech for Pence's ears

Marc Santora offers a pretty scary story about the right wing in Europe, “Poland’s Populists Pick a New Enemy, Gay People”, NYTimes link

Poland’s governing party seems to be jumping on this before the May elections. It’s appealing to a mindless idea of “European christian culture”, all with the purchase of indulgences. It’s silly tribalism from people with little intellect.  It’s about the tribal person vs. the individualist – but so is populism.
As a whole, as you get to the end of the article, the public as a whole doesn’t buy it.

It’s easy to say this is nothing more than scapegoating, as the migrant issue is now not as useful as it was.

Poland, ironically, was one of the countries that had been looked upon as possibly able to upsetting the vote on Article 13. 

Ironically, it’s the mainstream left, generally good on social issues, that is curtailing free speech and shutting down user generated content out of false protectionism for legacy media.\

I visited Poland in 1999.  I spent a Tuesday at Auschwitz-Birkenau, driven there by a taxi for the day, on a quiet day. I spent the night in Krakow (taking the night train east from Berlin), and then a train to Warsaw, seeing the peasants in the fields. I spent a night in Warsaw and flew home to Minneapolis the next day. I didn’t run into any problems.

In 2007, there were stories in a Pittsburgh gay paper about anti-gay attitudes in Poland when I visited the Andy Warhol museum. The main issue seemed to be about not giving your parents grandchildren when there was a low birthrate.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Some transgender pronoun laws in Canada are quite extreme, according to conservatives

“Press for Truth” has a video talking about the great links that Canadian law goes to in making sure that transgender people are referred to with their desired pronouns.

There was one case where a Child Protective Services threatened to remove a child from parents over a pronoun issue.

The video refers to a lawsuit by a new small Catholic school in Euclid, Ohio over transgender content in education against a local ordinance, which could affect similar laws around the nation. 

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Chicago now offers the nation's first big city gay mayor (female, PoC)

Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot has become the first large city (top 100) LGBT female mayor (PoC or not) ever, as in a Blade story by Chris Johnson. 

This will be interesting as Chicago reels from the Jussie Smollett mess.

How long will it take her to visit the Cubs and White Sox?  

I last visited Rush Street myself in November 1998.

Picture: from a family album, 1940s, I think in Illinois near Effingham. 

Thursday, April 04, 2019

LDS church reverses itself on gay marriage to counter national climate of hate

The Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  has announced that it has reversed its previous policy that members in same-sex marriages (and their children) are “apostates”, as in the Church’s own statement here. 

Laurel Wamsley has a story for NPR with a picture of a rainbow flag near the temple in Salt Lake.   The church says it is time to reverse the epidemic of hate (from the right) that has exploded in the country.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

House Judiciary Committee has hearings on Equality Act today

Here is the full testimony for the Equality Act, H.R. 5, before the House Judiciary Committee today.

Mr. Nadler gave an impassioned opening statement.  For example, he said that there has been no problem for women’s sports.

He dismissed the libertarian attitude for same-sex couples who are turned away who can “take their business elsewhere”.
Mr. Collins talked about the problems that women who had been men would have advantages in sports and hurt women and girls.  He also talked about parents being to compelled to do unwise transition treatment.

The testimony did include discussion of "religious freedom".

One witness read a letter where a transgender person (raising kids) was outed at work and then fired under employment at will. She would see her family go on Medicaid.

But another one said that including arbitrary intersectional classes related to fluidity or transient gender identity would violate the rights of others, especially women and girls. She felt that sexual orientation alone was much easier to protect than gender identity or at least fluidity.

Each witness had to testify according to to a timing light.

Chris Johnson discussed the testimony on women's sports in the Washington Blade.